Ever wonder what your favorite member of the Breakfast Club would cook? So do we. Especially when considering that every cuisine has its own flavor and personality, as well as its own quirks and charms (just like high school cliques, amirite?).

As such, we could totally see how each character would be more drawn to a specific cuisine than others, based on their individual personality traits and characteristics. Below, we break down the cuisines we think each Breakfast Club member would be most likely to cook up. Enjoy!



Bender - Hot and Spicy

cooking class

“Being bad feels pretty good, huh?” - Bender

With a fiery hot temper and a flavorful vocabulary to match, Bender is very much the embodiment of a hot and spicy dish: Yeah, it looks great, but watch out for that kick.

Like Bender, you should learn to harness the hotness and make it your ally; bring your friends (and foes, although why are you serving them food?) to tears with the delicious yet spicy meals you will learn to make in this class.

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Claire - French

cooking class

“I’m not that pristine” - Claire

Considered the “pristine cuisine” the same way Claire is the “pristine princess,” French cuisine is at once fancy and delectable. Like Claire, French cuisine has this aura to it that makes it always seem just a little out of reach to the common folk. Unlike Claire, the aura that surrounds French cuisine is called a price tag.

Peel away the triple-to-quadruple dollar sign on Yelp and the ritual of embarrassing yourself reading out your menu selection to the waiter, and you’re left with a rich, layered cuisine that’s not that intimidating once you get to know her (um, it).

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Andrew - Steakhouse

cooking class

“Andrew! You’ve got to be number one!” - Andrew

Athlete, winner, occasional (unwilling) bully. Trying to keep up the perfect jock image, no one else in the Breakfast Club screams all-American like Andy Clark. Not much screams all-American like good old steakhouse food, either. Learn how to grill strip steaks and make twice baked potatoes.

I bet this is what Andy would load up on if he knew how to cook, instead of his usual measly meal of three sandwiches, potato chips, milk, a banana, an apple and chocolate cookies.

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Brian - Brain Foods

brain foods
cooking class

“Well mister, you figure out a way to study”. - Brian’s mom

With the mom and the grades that Brian is getting, he’s obviously going to want every advantage to continue to excel in school (and hopefully improve in shop class). As such, this carbs crash course is the perfect thing for Brian, as he would learn how to kick the unhealthy carbs to the curb whilst utilizing the good ones in his diet to boost his brain power.

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Allison - Cocktails

cooking class

Andrew: So... what's your poison?

[Allison says nothing]

Andrew: ... Ok, forget I asked.

Allison: Vodka.

Andrew: Vodka? When do you drink vodka.

Allison: Whenever.

Andrew: How much?

Allison: Tons.

The self-proclaimed “basket case” of the group, Allison is a bit of a mixed bag. You never know what to expect with her; you just have to be ready for anything. You can apply that mentality to building up your cocktail arsenal too. Whether it be for a party, a romantic night, or a good companion to any of the lovely dishes that you now know how to make, you want a drink that will be right for any occasion. Be ready for any answer as you ask your dinner guest “what’s your poison?”

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And some low hanging fruit...

cooking class

A breakfast cooking class. Because… y’know. The Breakfast Club. Sorry, we had to.

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