Michael Douglas said, “I’m impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.” And work hard, you Chicagoans do. But you also know how to play. And learn. And create. And expand your amazingness. Heck, you do it all.

Those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to hail from the Windy City are left to wonder, “What does it take to pass as a native of this state?" Have you heard the phrase, “It’s never too late to learn”? Well, that phrase isn’t true. Not always at least. But lucky you! In this case, it is.

Check out these 5 classes that can put a non-native on the path towards blending in with the vibrant, electic group of people from this city.

chicago classes cocktails meal pairings

Get Your Martini Glasses Ready

chicago learn
cocktail class
food pairing
summer cocktails

“To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems." ― The Simpsons 

Chicagoans are known for being good hosts. When summer hits and sundresses and sunglasses are being donned, what's a good host to do without the skill of being able to whip up delicious cocktails for their parched company? During this class, you'll learn secrets from pro chefs on how to concoct savory drinks and which foods to pair with them, too.

Fear not: you’ll get to taste everything along the way.

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chicago classes book binding

Book it

chicago learn

Sandra Ciscneros. Gwendolyn Brooks. And of course, Ernest Hemingway. All wonderful authors who hail from the windy city. And then of course, there’s you.

Come on, you know you still crank out the occasional poem, and we all know those oh-so-artistic pictures you post on Instagram are the result of 100+ snapshots simply trying to perfect your art.

Take hard copies of your creations and put them into a beautiful book with the help of this class. Learn the technical art of traditional bookbinding from a pro, and soon, you’ll be teaching your friends these sowing techniques and paper binding processes.

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chicago classes intro to dj'ing

Rollin' and Scratchin'

chicago learn
learn to dj
djing techniques

Did you know Chicago is the birthplace of house music? Yup, it was created right here in the 1980’s by music producers and DJs.

Pay homeage to that history in this class. Scratch, mix, and blend as you receive hands-on guidance that’ll leave leave others thinking you were born wearing those over-ear headphones.  

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chicago classes breakdancing

Shake it, Don't Break it

chicago learn
dance class
chicago breakdancing

So you've got no groove. We can fix that. 

Learn from the pros in a course that will teach you to master the art of hip hop. Express yourself through this artistic medium that blends hip hop culture with extreme acrobatics. When the class is over, you’ll be krumping out the door.

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chicago classes deep dish pizza making

Gimme Pizza

chicago learn
pizza class
chicago cooking
deep dish pizza

What list about Chicago would be complete without a course on how to make delicious deep dish pizzas?

In this class, you'll not only learn the insider secrets to cooking deep dish pizza like the pros, you'll also learn the history of pizza’s signficance in Chi-Town. Afterward, delve into the fruits of your labor as you sit down to a great meal and complimentary wine with your friends. Yummy.

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