From laidback dinner dates to action-packed tandem skydiving adventures, your dating scene can be as thrilling or mundane as you choose.

But in the magical city of Honolulu, why bring your bae on a plain-Jane kind of date when you have an environment full of action, life, and natural beauty at your fingertips? With over 100 beaches surrounding the city of Honolulu, it’s time to ditch the traditional dating scene and step your game up.

So put down the dinner menus. It’s time for adventure.  And nothing says adventure quite like interacting with natural wildlife. Get ready Eliza Thornberry, you’re dating Honolulu style, and it’s sure to be wild.  


Tour the Shores

honolulu tour
date ideas

Go on an adventure with your bae to see everything and anything that Honolulu and the island of Oahu have to offer. This jam-packed date will have all the entertaining done for you, giving you the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the view of your boo -- and of Honolulu, of course.  

Learn all there is to know about the wildlife around you, and the unique twists and turns of the island. Did you know it’s illegal in Honolulu to “annoy” a bird? Better not annoy any of the ones you’ll see on this amazing island adventure.

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Horse Around With Bae

horseback riding
island tour

Take the ride of your life on horseback as you and your date trot through stunning scenery and discover secret caves. With the help of a guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the beautiful wildlife and the hidden gems of the island.

Maybe now is the time to inform your bae of the romantic fact that in Hawaii it’s illegal to own a mongoose? Everyone knows fun facts are a surefire way to win hearts. By the time you dismount your horses you won’t be able to stay away from each other.

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Have An Over-whale-mingly Beautiful Date

whale watch
boat cruise
hawaii date

You'll get to experience romance in the gorgeous city of Honolulu while you cruise above water as the sun rises. Enjoy a romantic breakfast on the boat while you gaze at the spectacular expanse of ocean spread around you. Better yet, bond over the wildlife as you and your date witness the stunning beauty of whales swimming and diving in the water.

Worried you don’t know enough whale facts to impress your bae? Whale, whale, whale, leave that to your knowledgeable tour guide.  You can just stick to whale puns for now.  

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Paddle Your Way to Bae's Heart

paddle board
water sports
date ideas

Want to get out on the water, but surfing isn’t really your style? Does the idea of carving a wave sound like a surefire way to embarrass yourself in front of your date?

Drop the surfboard, we’re saving you from disaster.

Impress your bae as you paddle out past the waves and take in the beautiful beaches from atop a stand-up paddle board. Show off your toned arms and balancing skills as you paddle your way into your bae’s heart. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see some wildlife swimming below your feet!

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Dive Into Love

scuba diving
hawaii date
water sports

Enter a different world as you dive with your date to the depths of the sea and view the intricate coral and dynamic wildlife all around you.  Enjoy eachother’s company as you silently swim in the picturesque waters.

Designed for beginners, you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting that troublesome diving certificate, which will maximize your time under the sea on the date of your dreams.

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