The Wannabe DJ

vegas date ideas
rock of ages

So you’ve got sick beats and you like to show them off? Get some new inspiration for your music assemblage by attending a live showing of the play Rock of Ages. Listen to some of the greatest rock and roll hits and get in the groove along side your bae.

The worst of your worries will be coming up with a cool DJ name now that Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, and Bassnectar are already taken. Darn.

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The Wallflower

vegas date ideas
bar crawl

You’re not usually the life of the party. That “let’s just see where we end up” attitude has never been your style, and do your friends even realize how much backwash is in the scorpion bowl they’re all sharing??

Well date night is your night to shine, wallflower. Take part in a structured, already planned, 4-venue bar crawl and let your hair down. Tonight’s the night you leave that wall behind you.

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The Table Dancer

vegas date ideas
burlesque show

You like to move-it move-it right off the ground to a precariously high elevated surface. Hey, good for you. We weren’t all born to be the star of the show -- just ask wallflower over there.

Spend your Vegas date night watching some new moves -- zombie burlesque style. After watching this zombie burlesque show, people might literally die next time you shake it on the dance floor.

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The Helping Hand

vegas date ideas
club crawl

You, angel, you.

Put down the Kleenex. Say “no more” to the hair holding. Remove those rubber gloves.

Tonight. Is. Your. Night. 

So sign up for a club crawl. It’s time to get cray with your bae and have yourself a wild night out in Vegas without the worry of other people’s disturbances.

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The Betchy Deep Roller

vegas date ideas
helicopter tour

You’re betchy, and you love your betches. And that is okay. The first step is admitting you have a problem. And that problem is getting yourself away from your homies long enough to get close with a significant other.

The only solution? Flee.

But do it in style -- in a helicopter above the Grand Canyon. And while you're at it, read about some other betchy adventures

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The Train Wreck

las vegas date ideas
chocolate tasting

The worst part of being the train wreck? The hangover. And maybe the struggle of piecing together what happened between drinks number 7 and 8.

So treat yo self to a day of recovery with a little chocolate on a chocolate tasting tour, a lot of bae, and an excessive amount of electrolytes.

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The Gamer

vegas date ideas
escape rooms

You’re just looking for a good time. And when people aren’t annoyed with your constant game-probing, they appreciate you. They really do.

Show your date that beer pong and darts might be fun, but you’ve got the in on the ultimate game. And that’s a mob themed escape room. ​​​​​​​

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