So you scored a Vegas cutie, and you need some Vegas date ideas, stat. (These things don't come easy). You're peeking through the blinds, wishing for a sign. You find -- plenty -- but they’re all casinos.


Hold it -- Just stop. Going to a casino is the worst date idea ever. While sin-dens can be great fun, they literally HOUSE your worst qualities. Take these four, for instance:
1. How well you bluff (not well),
2. The way you handle stress (by drinking),
3. The amount you drink (too much),
4. And how often you bet other people's property when you run out of chips (once a year is too often).

While these bad traits are certainly fixable, it's a date, and you're trying to win this babe over without betting either of your antique watches on a straight flush. So let’s lay the cards on the table. What you need: 8 Vegas date ideas any perfect stranger will love -- sans gambling.


Roulette Down the River

lake mead dinner

Did you know that “roulette” is French for “little wheel?” Makes sense, really. The game involves a spoked wheel spinning in one direction while a small ball goes off in the opposite direction, landing in one of 38 grooves...  it’s enough to make your head spin. So just leave the spinning to the paddle wheel in this steamboat dinner cruise.

Why it’s better than Roulette: We’re not sure if you read that last paragraph, but this is a Steamboat. Dinner. Cruise. ‘Nuff said!

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A tour to taste-test some of the best chocolate Vegas has to offer. Sign up now because it’s at the low, low rate of… free!

Why it’s better than Chuck-a-Luck: What would you rather toss, three dice on a table or three truffles onto your tongue? Exactly. 

Oh, and BTW, it's FREE.

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21… Questions

Stray boots
fremont tour

Instead of playing 21, think 21 Questions, and go on an interactive tour and scavenger hunt, learning all about your beloved Vegas along the way.

Why it’s better than 21: Because instead of asking bae for a lil extra money after betting yours away, you’ll ask instead for his/her brain power when you need to solve a clue. And you know what, that’s alright with bae. Because bae is HAPPY to share brainwaves when you’re running low.

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Texas 2 Step

line dancing
square dancing
texas 2 step
dance lessons

You didn’t pick up a whole lot from that first encounter, but you did notice that your Pretty Young Thang has quite the accent. Well, you can’t go wrong taking a southern date to a Texas 2 Step class.

Why it’s better than Texas Hold ‘Em: Texas Hold ‘Em is the oldest card game in the book, and there are movies (like, tons) about people DYING over this game. How about you just take it easy, strap on a pair of chaps and do a line dance? No one ever, ever, ever got kill’t learning how to toss their boots around on a dance floor... to our knowledge.

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Red Dog, or Real Dog?

Animal lovers
pet theater

Ah, the classic game of Red Dog, AKA Yablon. How do you play? Who knows, it’s not very popular these days. Instead, we suggest you take your date (especially if he/she has mentioned owning a dog or cat) to see Popovich Comedy Pet Theater.

Why it’s better than Red Dog: Red Dog is a game of chance. There are no guarantees you’ll walk away with anything. At the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, you’ll get to see how a 5th generation circus performer has trained man’s best friend(s) to do all kinds of crazy things. Now, you take an animal lover to a show like this on your first date, and we promise you’ll leave with a story to tell the grandkids.

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Dead Pool… of Sexy Zombies!

zombie burlesque

Two words. Zombie burlesque.

Instead of betting on when something/someone will die, why not watch the living dead do a striptease?

Why it’s better than Dead Pool: Because nothing has to die or fail for you to benefit. These characters are already dead -- and they’re smokin’ hot, dead or alive.

The perfect stranger will be so entertained, you won’t even have to tell that one really funny story you’ve developed a punch line for. Zing!

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Blackjack Switch

nite tours
vip club crawl
club crawl
dance club

VIP access to 3 A-list clubs, plus an ultra lounge with 2-for-1 drinks? Yes, please. You’d spend that much anyway, especially if you and your date are party people and you met at the club. At least this way you can budget for it.

Why it’s better than Blackjack Switch: Because if things don’t go well on the date, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to switch your date out with one of the other singles surrounding the two of you.

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Let It Ride... A Horse

horseback riding

Picture breakfast, followed by a horseback ride, to a nearby cow-town, just ripe to be explored, and top it off with a petting zoo. Yippy-ki-YAY, amirite?

Why it’s better than Let it Ride: Who plays Let it Ride? Old people and babies. It’s basically slow poker. You don’t want your date to think you’re a slow-poke, do you? No way. You’re dashing and daring, like a cowboy. And cowboys ride real horses.

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