Gift-giving is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Check out Vimbly’s guide to getting your man the perfect gift. Discover his type, then check our suggestions!


Alright, now that that we've got a better picture of who your special somebody is (he looks a little thin), scroll down and find out what his perfect gift is!

The Dandy

“OMG I love your shoes!”

Oh wait, they're talking about his shoes, not yours. Again.

Your favorite fop is constantly out-dressing you and you’re pretty sure he has more hair products than you do. 

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The Connoisseur

He is a discerning man with impeccable taste. He appreciates the finer things in life, like you of course! Indulge his penchant for quality with a tasting of the finest wines Santa Barbara has to offer -- whilst flying over wine country in a hot air balloon!

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The Intellectual

After having done all the calculations, he has reach the conclusion that you are beautiful, intelligent, and kind -- he must be pretty smart. Plus he’s a first-round draft pick for bar trivia. Put his wits (and yours) to the test and see if you can solve this puzzle and escape the room before your time runs out!

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Basic Mitch

OK so he's a little boring, but he's reliable and he loves you . . . So that's something. Give your guy some new moves with an introductory class in the Hula. Nobody will ever call him basic again.

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The Thrill-Seeker

Dating an adrenaline junky can be exhausting but you have the stamina to keep up. You’re so sore but so satisfied. Keep his heart racing and learn to rock climb together. He'll be stoked.

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The Greaser

He’s got a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his skin-tight white T-shirt. His hair is perfectly quaffed and his jeans are perfectly torn. Your man is a rebel and his only cause is getting more cc’s. A day at the race track driving his dream cars will definitely rev his engine!

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The Woodsman

Everyone knows that real men have beards -- at least you do

Your bearded wonder is building you a beautiful cabin in the forest where you will raise goats and grow old together. However, wood has grown too supple in his strong, rough hands, so bring him a new challenge -- teach him to carve stone!

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