There, I said it. Matter of fact, tag Starbucks, Chipotle, and Olive Garden onto that forbidden-fruit list of restaurants, too! BOO YA.

Because if you and your partner have a “usual” at any of these places, the future isn’t looking so bright. So what should you do instead?

Read on, grasshopper. You will soon learn of 5 dinner date ideas that will keep your relationship fresh without breaking the bank.

Plenty of Fish

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deep sea fishing

Boring: Shopping for groceries to make dinner. Not boring: Going out onto the Santa Monica bay to catch your dinner!

On this date, you will hop aboard a private 36’ yacht and go deep sea fishing--just you, your boo, and a captain to guide you. (Don’t worry, the captain won’t be an awkward weirdo. We promise.)

Enjoy each other’s company as you take in sights of the local marine life, including dolphins, harbor seals, and pelicans! See who can catch the most bait: you or your sweetheart.

Loser cooks dinner!  

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los angeles dinner date ideas cannolis

Handcraft a Gourmet Italian Meal

cooking class
dinner date ideas

Elisha Cuthbert said, “There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.”

Whether you’re trying to impress the Hollywood starlet or your significant other, Italian food is a surefire way to someone’s heart. But remember: you no longer munch on breadsticks at Olive Garden every weekend!

No, you’re a romantic fool who plans one-of-a-kind dates. So you surprise your lover with an evening of unique entertainment as the two of you meet with a professional chef and learn how to cook those Italian dishes you adore. Pretty sweet.

Don’t worry: Your mouth can water while you handcraft the gourmet dishes because, in the end, you get to feast on your creation.

The menu includes flatbreads with gorgonzola, grilled bistecca with roasted tomato and feta, arugula salad with citrus vinaigrette, and mini cannolis with mascarpone and shaved chocolate. Just don’t fight over who gets the biggest cannoli, okay?

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los angeles dinner date ideas group cruise

Cruisin' with the Homies

romantic cruise
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los angeles
group date
santa monica bay date
marina del rey date

On this date, you’ll bring along 2 couples who are just as nauseatingly adorable as you and your significant other. As you relax on this 36’ yacht, the only question your captain will ask is, do you all want to navigate Marina Del Rey or the Santa Monica Bay?  

The former is the largest man-made marina in the world, and its cruise will be a relaxing glide on the water. The latter cruise will be a more fast-paced adventure, reaching speeds of up 8 miles per hour.  

Bring delicious food and beverages to feast on as you drink in the sights and enjoy the company of people you love. 

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los angeles dinner date ideas horseback riding

Dinner and a Horseback Ride

dinner date ideas
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horseback riding
couples horseback riding
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horseback tour
griffith park
downtown los angeles date
horseback tour

Saddle up!

On this date, you and your sweetheart will ride horseback through Griffith Park. Covering five miles of trails, you’ll have amazing views of the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, and the surrounding downtown Los Angeles.

Midway through, you’ll stop and recharge at Viva Fresh Mexican Restaurant for a delicious dinner. What other opportunity are you going to have to bond with your sweetheart on horseback in the city?

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los angeles dinner date ideas wine and dine couples activity cook cooking class

Wine and Dine

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cooking class

Since you watched “Somme,” you’ve felt the ever present desire to sniff and swirl any glass of wine you come into contact with, which has made for some pretty awkward encounters when your roommates walk into the kitchen.

Well, repress that urge no more! On this date, you and your partner join Chef Eric as you learn the secrets to pairing food and wine. You even learn where and how to shop for wines!

As if that wasn’t enough, your palette will be quite pleased at the dishes you’ll create: eggplant fritters and zucchini fritters, fennel-dusted pan-seared scallops, grilled wild mushrooms with balsamic vinegar reduction, homemade pasta with tomato and kalamata olive tapenade sauce, braised lamb stew with wild mushrooms, garlic, thyme, parsley and red wine vinegar, homemade traditional tiramisu, and more!

Put your pinky up, like the classy sommelier you are, and book now.

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