When the temperature is 98 degrees and makes you flash back to the days of Nick Lachey, you know it’s time to avoid the heat. But what should you do exactly?

Grab your bae, date, significant other -- whatever floats your boat -- and take 'em to one of these entertaining and cool (literally) water-inspired activities.

miami water date ideas paddle board

Get Up, Stand Up

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paddle boarding

You’re ashamed to admit it, but there it is, staring you in your face: the fact that even though you live in a city known for its famed beaches, you have never learned how to paddleboard. How do you sleep at night?

Fear not, for this lesson will show you all you need to know. (And makes for a stellar date activity). In the beautiful blue waters of Sunny Isles Beach, you and your date willl join energetic, certified instructors who will teach you the basics of this increasingly popular sport. And don’t be afraid of accidentally hitting the water face-first: You’ll be with other first-timers, so leave your pride on the shore. Plus, your date will love seeing that humble side of you.

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miami water date ideas windsurfing

Windsurfin' U.S.A.

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windsurf lesson

By the end of this 2-hour session, you’ll be on your way to cutting through the waves like a pro! Expert instructors will demonstrate the art of this exhilarating sport, while providing you and your date with the knowledge you need to master it on your own.

Move with the water as you two see who can get the hang of it first. You know what they say...friendly competition makes for a GREAT relationship. Or at least a great date -- hey, we can start off slow.

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miami water date flyboarding

Take it to New Heights

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flyboarding lesson

Want to fly? No, seriously. Well kind of. Impress your date with an activity that will let you soar away into the sunset.

In the sport known as “flyboarding,” you stand on top of a jetpack that is connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to the jetpack, thrusting you into the air. Sometimes, riders are thrust as high as 15 meters! This is done so that the rider can “fly” or even complete acrobatics! Pretty exciting, right?

And the best part? According to instructors, it takes most people a maximum of approximately 10 minutes to be able to keep their balance on the jetback. And that’s it! From there, it’s all smooth sailing...I mean, flying.

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miami water date ideas kiteboarding

Let's go Fly a Kite (Sort of)

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Kiteboarding is an increasingly popular sport that combines aspects of other sports such as snowboarding and surfing. In it, you harness the power of the wind to propel across the water. Essentially, the wind determines whether you’re bolting across the water (total fun or yikes moment, depending on what you're into) or gliding along peacefully. So lean back and enjoy the beautiful views as you and your date kiteboard around Miami Beach.

On this nautical adventure, you’ll learn fundamental kiteboarding techniques as well as safety maneuvers that will have you and bae kiteboarding flawlessly in no time. And who cares if there are a few stumbles upon the way. Surprises on a date never hurt, right?  

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miami water date high speed boat

Speed on the High Seas

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miami adventure

If you want a relaxing, Instagrammable date, then this activity is not for you. However, this is the perfect escape from the scorching Miami heat: an adventure that takes you and your date on a high-speed jet boat off of Miami’s coast!

You'll even have a skilled captain aboard, who will take you across Biscayne Bay and the Miami Seaside. Don’t get too excited at the thought of the scenic views, though. With salt water spritzing in your face, your hands holding on tightly to the boat (or your date), you’ll barely be able to keep your eyes open. With a little luck though, you might still be able to get that perfect Instagram shot.

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