Although you’re in the Big Easy, sometimes planning a good date is anything but. Named the most interesting city in the United States, trying to find something to do here can be a little daunting. You want to have a good time, but you also want to do this city and its vibrant, unique personality justice.

Well don’t fret. We here at Vimbly have compiled 5 date ideas that will help you and your date take in the many facets of this amazing city through various combinations of your 5 senses.


Jazz it Up


Stimulate your senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell

Yeah, let’s start you off on the deep end. Try out a jazz dinner cruise! It’s great live jazz music, New Orleans cuisine, a beautiful view of the city -- and it’s all aboard one of the 6 remaining paddle-wheel steamboats operating on the Mississippi River.
Oh, and your date. Don’t forget your date will be there. Try not to get overwhelmed.

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Foodie Love

New Orleans

Stimulate your senses: Sound, Smell, Taste

What better way is there to get to know a city than through its cuisine? And what better way to spend some time with your bae than by eating your way through the day?
Indulge yourself in the bold, rich flavors of New Orleans on this culinary tour, and really bond with your date as you make a food baby together (too weird?).

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Savor the Flavors

New Orleans
Cooking Class

Stimulate your senses: smell, taste

You guys have tried some of the unforgettable dishes New Orleans has to offer, and now you’re both having a hard time forgetting them. Why don’t you learn how to make these dishes wherever you are, and make a date out of it at the same time with this cooking class?

Put your gumbo withdrawal at ease as you learn how to make some classic New Orleans dishes. You’ll have a ball getting your hands dirty with bae while you’re at it. Just save the Annie Hall-esque chasing crustaceans around the kitchen floor for later.

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Bayou a Drink

New Orleans

Stimulate your senses: sight, smell, taste

Yeah… so apparently most of these activities require the same senses. Who would’ve thought. Speaking of senses, lose (or lightly inhibit) a few of yours on this tour of some of New Orleans’s finest establishments, where you’ll get to try some New Orleans favorites like the grasshopper or absinthe.

This could be a great date. Try not to forget it.

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Flight or... Champagne

Plane Ride

Senses: sight, taste, smell

If you need a breather from the craziness that is New Orleans, enjoy a date away from the city. Maybe in a plane, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the place.. with champagne. And chocolate.
Need we say more?

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