10 Awesome Date Night Ideas in NYC
If your last series of date nights consisted of sweatpants and popcorn, it's time to stretch those date night muscles again. You play dress up, and we'll give you some awesome ideas for you and your date. From wine tastings to comedy shows, there's something for every couple to enjoy.

Poppin' bottles, but under a sunset on a romantic yacht.

manhattan skyline
boat ride

You usually don't want to rock the boat in your relationship, but in this case, we think you'll make an exception. In a luxurious 1920s yacht that rivals the glam of Gatsby, take your date for an unforgettable sailing experience alongside stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

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Paint + alcohol equals a masterpiece in the making.


If you enjoy a drunken paint-by-numbers session, this one is for you and your love. While you get tipsy and beyond (it's BYOB by the way), you and your partner will learn how to recreate famous paintings done by the likes of Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and Monet from the hands of an experienced artist. All supplies are included-including your own "masterpiece", paint, brushes, aprons and easels.

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What's more romantic than being trapped in a room with the undead?

Room Escape

Note: no real zombies are harmed in this awesome, interactive live theater event, but you and your boo may be if you can't escape the zombie in time. In this Room Escape Adventure, you will need to master puzzles to unlock the door in under an hour-otherwise you become zombie food. Practice your A-game zombie apocalypse survival skills to see if you and your date are compatible til death do you part.

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Japanese schadenfreude: take pleasure in other people's (hilarious) misfortunes'the live stage show event.

live shows

Batsu-the Japanese word for taking pleasure in people's suffering-is a point of pride in Japanese culture and a socially acceptable form of comedy. In a live comically charged event, four warriors battle it out to avoid embarrassing and hilarious punishments designed to entertain you and your date. We imagine it's similar to ordering around a court jester, but with the manic energy of a Japanese game show.

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Two Words: Aphrodisiac Cooking.

sexy cooking

Sex and the city, where people love to eat. Try a more romantic approach by taking this sexy cooking class to master a three-course meal with unusual ingredients (even if your skill level consists of "making cereal"). Bonus points for the fact that you get to eat everything you make.

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Who needs nutritional value when you can have dessert for dinner?

dessert tour
dessert walking tour

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But we think the way to everyone's heart is definitely through chocolate. Skip dinner and take your date around the city's chocolaty hot spots to indulge in your sugar tooth. Or teeth, we don't judge.

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Rock on-live music that won't make your ears bleed.

Summoning the spirit of 1960s counterculture, this small venue known as the Village Underground in Greenwich Village, features a lineup of musicians paying homage to that folksy era. A definite must-see if either you or your date are Bob Dylan fans.

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Taste your way into becoming a wine connoisseur.

sparkling wine

Leave the boxed wine at home and head over to this wine tasting class, where you'll learn your personal wine palette and preferences. A wine 101 workshop is the perfect date to help you pair wines with cheese and food for your next dinner party where you can further impress your date.

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Sing your heart out like no one's watching-even though everyone is.

This isn't an audition for The Voice, but an opportunity to let your guard down and showcase your pipes, or lack thereof. At Karaoke Boho Orchard, every drink you buy is a free song. And you're way more likely to sing with a drink in hand.

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Burlesque-esque entertainment for any couple.

For some adult entertainment, escort your date to a burlesque show. Mixing Vaudeville comedy, dancing and amazing costume designs, NYC's infamous Slipper Room features a rotating cast of excellent performers willing to bare nearly-all for a good laugh.

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