10 Date Ideas for the Adventurous Couples in NYC
Thrill seekers always seem to find one another. They’re also up for any adventure life throws at them, but it might be hard to find heart-jumping experiences when living in NYC (except for those close subway calls). If you and your bf/gf are adrenaline junkies, you’ll want to check out these awesome date ideas for new adventures.

True love is jumping off a plane with someone and trusting they’ll deploy the parachute.


Okay, so in this tandem skydiving excursion, your instructor is the one to pull the chute, but the principle still applies! With an accommodating staff for the uneasy jumpers, this skydiving jump is helmed by safety-first professionals who love what they do and want you to love it too. Besides, what’s more romantic than pulling off a death-defying stunt with your significant other? Bonus points if you plan to do this on the first date.

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Swim with the fishes, dive with the sharks.

scuba diving

Daredevil couples will flock to this thrilling (and slightly terrifying) underwater cage dive to swim with the fishes as sharks are baited to the area. But don’t worry—you are definitely not the bait. Enjoy this unforgettable dream/nightmare while your blood pumps plenty of adrenaline.

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An obstacle course for a couple living on the edge.

ropes course
zip line

Me Tarzan, You Jane. Scale the forests in this tree scaling obstacle course via secure canopy ropes and zip lines to take in whole other views. The perfect way to channel your inner child, the zip lines guide you and the bf/gf through the trees of Catamount Mountain in Berkshires. Spend a whole day feeling as fearless as a kid again, stopping only to enjoy a BBQ lunch and the ground underneath your feet.

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Escape NYC’s traffic rush by whitewater rafting.


Adrenaline rush guaranteed for this all-day whitewater rafting trip to the Lehigh River. The Army Corps of Engineers release thousands of gallons of controlled water into the river, chasing you and your partner down a 12-mile stretch of different class rapids. Luckily, the instructors don’t just throw you in the water to get started, but offer excellent advice and teachings of the basic fundamentals for river rafting. Let the adrenaline (as well as the water) wash over you and your partner for some thrill-seeking fun.

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Rock climbing for beginners.

Exchange scaling buildings for New York states’ beautiful rocky and hilly mountains to go rock climbing for two. Beginners will hone skills like belaying, climbing, and rappelling to strengthen their muscles and climb the Shawangunk Mountains. Make sure to grab a camera to bring to the top of the mountain—the views are spectacular.

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Skinny dip with strangers on this romantic, easy hike.

What’s more wild than the wild? Taking your partner for an easy hike through the Catskills before stripping down to your skinnies (or more) to a secluded swimming hole with some strangers. Unfree yourself from conventions and enjoy the option to grub down on a gourmet lunch to cap off the day. Dare to bare it all—couples, it really doesn’t get any more adventurous than this.

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Pair up for parkour lessons.


Impress your friends with your badass (and maybe even synchronized) moves when you couple up to take this parkour class. Learn great awareness of your surroundings in NYC’s mixed terrain and build muscle mass by practicing proper running, jumping, vaulting, and climbing techniques to perfect parkour. By the time you two are through, a romantic stroll through the park will be an entirely different adventure.

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Hollywood here we come: An introductory course to stunt work.


You’re already an action star (in your dreams) and now you and your partner have the opportunity for some real Hollywood stunt work with this high falls stunt jumping class. Thrill seekers will learn safe, basic fall theory and put it to the test by falling on crash mats. Skip the latest two-hour action film in a dark theater for this awesome trust exercise.

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Babe, we’re joining the circus.


Thrill seekers like yourself and your date will be thrilled to take this high flying and falling class, where you’ll learn the foundational poses and standard sequences to swing around on a bar supported by two thin ropes. The class welcomes athletes of all levels, from newbies to advanced trapeze artists, from the tutelage of a top-notch instructor that may just want to make you and your gf/bf drop everything and join the circus. Or not!

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A hiking trip with adoptable dogs.


Dog lovers and city life don’t always mix (especially since your rent skyrockets from having a built-in cuddle buddy), but luckily you can still hang out with man’s best friend in this hiking trip with adoptable dogs. Partnering up with Animal Haven, a non-profit private dog shelter and volunteer organization, you’ll escape the hectic city scene for more open pastures where you can play with pooches ready for adoption. You’ll likely be inspired to adopt one of your own. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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