10 Dates for the NYC Couple that Likes to Drink
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder - at least, if you and your SO are the couple that loves to drink coffee, tea, alcohol or any other liquids. Your first date was probably at your favorite coffee shop and now that you've settled into your relationship, it's time to upgrade to the big leagues: wine tastings, distillery tours and boozy art classes. For the couple who loves to drink just as much as they love each other, here are our New York date recommendations.

14 wines + 7 cheese = 1 night of heaven for wine connoisseurs

Care to travel around the world in 80 days? How about in just one night? Your taste buds will explore the regions of places like Australia, South Africa, Spain and South America via delicious, climate-controlled wine. Sip back, pair any vino with complimentary cheese and discover a new list of wines to shop for your next romantic night in.

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From Russia, with love: a vodka tasting tour


Vodka is the alcohol of choice in Eastern Europe, but it's also a secret fav amongst seasoned drinkers here in the States. If you and your partner are vodka fans, you have to tour Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn. And what's a distillery tour without a little sampling - or two or three? See firsthand how these spirit geniuses design, manufacture and distribute vodka in the factory while you sip and sample the fruits of their labor.

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Learn the art of cupping


Keep your mind out of the gutter - cupping is the practice of evaluating roasted coffee. For caffeine addicts and their dates, here's a chance to slow down and smell the aromas of your favorite and undiscovered blends while spending some quality time together. Walk away with a new appreciation for the drink that transforms you into a human every morning and a Free Coffee Card for those to-go cravings.

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Brew up some excitement on this beer tour


Disclaimer: this tour will have you foaming at the mouth. Beer-enthusiast couples who join this excursion will take a peek at SingleCut Beersmiths' 5,000 square-foot brewery. From IPAs and lagers to ales and stouts, you and your fellow beer lover will be excited by the offbeat brews of the microbrewery industry. Try one of their six signature brews or take a chance on a seasonal ale which will have you rabid for more.

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Drink and draw


Nah, this isn't a Western shootout. However this alcohol-fueled, fun art class could entertain a showdown between you and your date of who can draw better. Bring your art supplies or use some of the instructor's for a small fee and let yourself be inspired by the art of human figure drawing. As a bonus, you and your partner will be able to feast your eyes on a live model provided by the class. Boozy art dates FTW!

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Drunk history, New York edition

pub crawl

Historical reenactments, trivia contests, improv comedy, alcohol, walking - combine these ingredients and you have one uproarious good-time touring NYC's streets. Your guide will lead you through historical sights of great "significance" - such as the famous Friends' apartment - as you stop in a few boozy pubs and bars. After a few drinks, you'll also get to test your guide's improv skills in the tour's "Fake History," so be sure to demand your tour guide give a "history" of any object or landmark you point at for a tipsy laugh.

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Mixology 101: create tea-infused cocktails


Everyone loves a good cup of tea in the morning and a cocktail in the middle of the night - but what if you could put them together? For tea and cocktail lovers, this mixology class is a must. Combining tea and coffee with your favorite alcohol, you and your date can enjoy a night of mixing and matching drinks while chowing down on an appetizer and enjoying all the coffee and tea your bladders can hold.

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Whiskey tasting on the Shearwater Schooner


You know what they say: whiskey makes you frisky. Grab your significant other to enjoy time on this booze cruise across NYC's waters where you'll sample the best whiskey the city has to offer. You'll even get the chance to find whiskey cocktails that are tailored to your specific personal taste while learning all about NYC's boozy past. Also, did we mention the whiskey is paired with chocolate truffles? Enough said.

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Espresso expressions


Love espresso? Want to learn how to use that espresso maker your SO got you last Christmas (that's since been collecting dust)? Then you need to take this one-on-one instructional course to learn how to make an espresso and dose, tramp and extract just like the pros. Afterwards, you'll be able to enjoy an espresso every morning without leaving the comfort of your own home, making for the perfect breakfast in bed accompaniment. If you know what we're sayin'.

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Journey down the Hudson on a booze cruise


You can visit your favorite bars, clubs and pubs any night of the week, but maybe you're in the mood to try something new. It's time to mix things up with your gf/bf by cruising down the Hudson on a party cruise, filled with dancing, music and booze (obviously). Buy affordable drinks from the fully stocked cash bar and enjoy the scenic river sites from the comfort of the deck of the boat. With some of the city's hottest DJ's lighting up the dance floor at night, you'll be ready to let the world spin around you - literally.

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