10 NYC Summer Date Ideas
New York is a state of mind, and when summer comes that mind turns into a puddle. It's hot, it's humid and we love every minute of it as it beats the alternative (we do not speak of winter-not yet). Come summer, NYC comes to life again as half the city empties out to beaches and vacations. With so much to do-and so many less people around-here are our picks for the best summer dates.

Sail around NYC's prettiest landmarks

manhattan skyline
boat ride

Perfect even for born and bred New Yorkers, this cruise sails around NYC's legendary landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge. Romantic, relaxed and picturesque, the atmosphere is perfect date material.

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Popsicles and public parks

It's hot, it's crowded and it's hard to escape the city. That's why God gave New York parks and created popsicles. For a simple romantic date, buy a popsicle and split into two to share, just like in the movies. Ditch Central Park for a smaller greenspace like The High Line or Prospect Park and you'll be happy to have some privacy. This is New York City, after all.

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Learn the art of painting on a face


If you don't want Spider-Man painted on your face, then what are you doing with your life? Nostalgic couples will appreciate taking this face painting class, where you'll learn the paint basics of handling nontoxic paint on the moneymaker. Besides, come Halloween you two will be the best costumed characters around.

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Shakespeare in the Park

Wouldst thou liketh to seeth a free playeth? NYC offers free plays in the park at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park every night. Known for its excellent productions, summer snack staples and a cozy setting to share a blanket, grab a couple of tickets on the performance day and be sure to arrive early for good seats!

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A photo session on the Staten Island Ferry

Some New Yorkers may scoff and turn their heads, but open your mind to the possibilities to this ferry ride. First of all, it's an awesome place to take some selfies (or prettier photography). Second of all, summer is often unbearably hot; cruising on a ferry may cool you off. Third of all, it's free, so why would hate on something that's free? That's what we thought.

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Bike NYC without fearing for your life on New York's Summer Street Days

On Saturday August 2, 9 & 16 this year, NYC will shut down seven miles of traffic to let New Yorkers play, run, walk, bike and let loose to promote more eco-friendly transit. It's the perfect opportunity to channel your inner kid with your SO by renting a pair of free bikes at a designated bike shop and maybe even hold hands while you bike. Just kidding. This is New York. Ain't nobody got time for you to take up space like that.

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Feel like a member of the 1% when you take this helicopter tour over New York

nyc skyline

Oh, what it must be like to be filthy rich. Luckily, you can experience the filth by booking this helicopter ride over NYC for two. Try and snag seats by the pilot to take in the spectacular bird's eye view of the Big Apple. You might even spot your tiny, tiny apartment and pretend it's not that tiny.

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Travel back in time to the 1960s, where day drinking was encouraged and learn from the Mad Men masters


Mad Men may be over (RIP) but its penchant for bar-hopping, day drinking and classy dresswear are still very much on everyone's minds (re: on our minds). For fans of the show of fans of the 60s in general, join this bar-hopping tour, where you can sip on a Manhattan and learn the historical importance of 1960s Madison Avenue. See also: booze.

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Clubbing the Night Away: Couples Edition


What summer in New York would be complete without a trip to a skeezy (or classy) nightclub? Even though you've found someone to avoid these places to meet people, you may have actually liked going to them while you were single. Starting in Chelsea with a complimentary drink (yum), you'll visit the hottest nightclubs before breaking off with the group to find your own way. A perfect reintroduction to the clubbing scenes, and this time you can show off your date as you enter the doors as one half of a kickass couple.

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Finally get around to visiting the Empire State Building

nyc landmark

It's not just a state of mind-it's one of New York's most iconic buildings. Speed past the long queues for instant access to see the sunset. If you book this on weekends, expect some awesome live music under the stars and away from hectic traffic.

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