10 Things You’d Never Think to do on a Date in NYC
There's a lot going on in the Big Apple. From theater, live music, comedy clubs, hipster bars and rooftop parties, there's so much to do that you don’t have to look or think too hard to come up with something new to do. And we’ve made it that much easier. Here’s a list of things you’d never think to do on a date in NYC.

Go for THE RIDE of your life—on a tour bus

live entertainment
nyc attractions
times square

No New Yorker wants to go to Midtown in their downtime; it’s home to tourist traps and most likely your place of work. And on tour bus? Forget it. But wait! This is no regular tourist bus ride-this is THE RIDE. Get stoked about your city again as you experience this traveling theater/tour bus equipped with outward-facing stadium seating and epic sound and lighting as you explore Midtown. Not only that, you will also witness a live show unfold throughout your journey. Entertaining and fun to listen to and watch, it’s an unusual but refreshingly earnest date for you cynical New Yorkers. At least you’ll have each other.

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Crash a wedding or a party

Chances are there’s a wedding, engagement/anniversary party or birthday bash in the city somewhere that’s big enough that attendees won’t notice the two of you dropping by. Adopt new personas, go incognito and enjoy your foray into method acting while charming up strangers. Make sure you dress both fancy and casual enough for any occasion. Things might get crazy when you befriend the best man who is feeding your table trays of shots.

Dollar store date: including water guns, nerf balls, infomercial toys, etc

If you’re trying to save a buck (and you probably are, considering that hike in your rent), take advantage of NYC’s finest and cheapest shops. From bodegas to Dollar Stores, go into each and set a budget-$10 or less-and find the coolest/cheesiest items for one another.


The power of meditation for couples


Meditation is usually a solo gig, but for couples thinking outside the box, it’s the perfect activity for a relaxed evening. There’s something powerful about finding inner peace with your partner in crime by your side. Plus, finding your zen is a lot cheaper than the couples therapy needed for that fight that won’t go away.

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Nude painting and photography for two

photo shoot

There’s a joke to be made about nudity at the end of the date, but we won’t go there (oops, too late). Instead, let’s focus on a date where stripping to your skivvies is the main event. Professional artists will paint the image of your choice on you and your partner and then photograph the experience. Hang it up in your apartment, tuck it away in a private scrapbook and become more than a couple in a custom piece of art.

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Juggle more than just your relationship and social life


Your life’s hectic, your gf/bf’s life is hectic-why not learn to juggle it all? Or actually, just learn to juggle literal objects. Boasting a good workout for the brain and body, you and your partner will make the most out of juggling. Who knows-maybe the skills will transfer over to juggling all aspects of your life. Lord knows we all need help with that.

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Rob a bank and go out Bonnie and Clyde style. Or you and your partner in crime could reenact Prison Break


Seriously, don’t rob any banks. That’s frowned upon. Instead, take that rebellious spirit and use it to break out of “prison” in this escape challenge. You don’t even have to do anything illegal to get into prison! Learn if you’re the perfect badass pair, like a true Bonnie and Clyde or a nightmarish Sid and Nancy.

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Booze through a drunk history tour of NYC

pub crawl

Because alcohol. If you’re feelin boozy and bold, take a date on a historic tour of the best local pubs in NYC. Arrive tipsy, leave drunk or wasted (depending on your tolerance level) and learn both real history and "fake history" (the guides will improvise the history of any inanimate object you choose) in a night of trivia, fun and companionship.

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Learn to write love letters and other romantic musings in this writer’s workshop

pen and paper

Aspiring writer? You and the rest of NYC. If you’re terrible at expressing your feelings and working them out, this writer’s workshop may be the perfect place to showcase your writing and get some valuable feedback from your partner-and random people you have never met. Or you could take your date so you can create a really rad piece of fiction about your own love story.

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