12 Active Dates to Get You Moving in NYC
New Yorkers are always on the go and on the move—even on their romantic dates. If you’re looking to stay active with your partner, try out some of these date activities, from extreme (paintball) to easy and boozy (pub crawl).

“Love all” by playing tennis with your better half.

Love means nothing in tennis. Aka it’s actually the perfect sport to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. For one thing, you can keep the competitive play on the courts and leave the love drama behind to play a few sets or rally between one another. All you need are a pair of sneakers, two rackets and a handful of balls (and pockets, if you’re smart) and head on over to NYC’s favorite tennis courts.

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Parkour for two.


Superheroes need not apply to this awesome King of the Jungle class where you’ll learn some serious acrobatic and parkour skills you can bust out in the future. Partner up with your partner in crime to learn how to be the ultimate badasses in a class of newbies and advanced acrobats. A fun, introductory course for aspiring superheroes, er healthy people, this is an exciting date idea to get you moving through NYC’s busy streets.

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Learn to fight with your partner in a whole different way.


A little sword play may be healthy for any relationship. Take this class—tailored to your skill level—with your date to learn and perfect fencing techniques. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gather some fencing knowledge and skills so you can namedrop when the Olympics come around. Plus, any future fights you and your gf/bf have can be solved via duel.

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See the best of NYC in one day when you and your date embark on this interactive walking tour.

NYC landmarks

Since there’s so many things to do in New York at any given time—even 4 a.m.—you may feel overwhelmed choosing just one date activity at a time. If that’s the case, create a super-date where you and your lover embark on an interactive, self-guided walking tour via a phone app. Explore NYC on your own schedule to take in a bit of art culture in Soho, enjoy tasty Village treats and, at one point, literally play with puppies in a shop.

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Do pub crawls count as active dates? What if it’s a pub crawl for otherwise inactive literary snobs?


Walking from pub to pub counts as exercise, right? By that logic, a literary-themed pub crawl is practically a marathon for couch-bound book fans. Writers are famous for their drunken exploits in many a pubs and bars in all of New York. In this Greenwich Village pub crawl, uncover the underbelly of the Beatnik movement and bohemia capital of America, where greats like Allen Ginsberg and Dylan Thomas found inspiration—and alcohol.

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Must love dogs—volunteer to dog walk or work with animals.

If you love to multitask, you’ll love this fun, animal-friendly date for two. Combining charity work, exercise and a dog-friendly date, you should volunteer at any of these places to work with NYC’s most loved animals. Who knows—if the relationship goes well, you may just want to adopt one of your own.

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SUP, couples? Stand-Up Paddle Boarding excursion.


Your life is a balancing act, now get up and show you can balance yourself by taking this stand-up paddle boarding class with your partner. This one-hour class will get your feet wet in the world of SUP from an experienced, patient water instructor out on the Hudson River. Pray that the water is calm and enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan for an unforgettable date.

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Paintball War.


Finally, a war worth fighting for! Put down the video games and grab your partner to attend a paintball excursion outside of NYC. Equipped with unlimited N2 air fillers, face masks, goggles, 500 paintballs and roundtrip transportation, you and your partner will work with others to team up and attack your opponents with some colorful ammunition.

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Shop til you drop: a New York Insider’s fashion walking tour.

Walking Tours

We all gotta buy clothes! We all gotta move! Combine the two on a date for the fashionable couple and you’ll find yourself in the middle of this fashion walking tour. Exploring 10 boutiques and shops in Manhattan, you’ll never have to worry about finding new date night clothes again. Besides, you could really use some new jeans.

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New York’s skyline after dark: kayaking edition.

water activities

Start your date at the end of the day by kayaking around a lit-up Manhattan’s skyline. Get active and romantic to catch amazing views of NYC landmarks, including the Empire State Building and Midtown lights. Paddle away into the sunset before returning to shore to split a bottle of wine.

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Get off the couch and ride through NYC’s best film and TV landmarks.

group tour
bicycle tour

Couch potatoes, this one’s for you. Test your NYC-filmed pop culture trivia when you and your partner bike ride through NYC’s most famous film and TV locations and grab some tips to score tickets to NYC’s favorite live shows, including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and LIVE! with Kelly and Michael. Guided by some of NYC’s stars themselves, the trip includes a bike rental, lock, helmet and basket and a wonderful afternoon exploring New York.

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It takes two to tango for this dance class.

fox trot

If your moves consist of the robot, the sprinkler and jumping up and down with your hands in the air, it’s time to learn how to dance. This Latin ballroom dance class combines the passion and elegance of traditional and modern dance to help you focus on becoming closer with your partner. You’ll probably step on each other’s toes, but it’s better than pushing each other’s buttons, right?

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