12 Crazy Unusual (But Fun!) NYC Activities
When you run into your coworkers on Monday morning, what do you tell them you did that weekend? Probably something to do with bars, Netflix, gym, or brunch. You live in the greatest city in the world, and yet you’re stuck in the same old boring routine. Sure, unwinding after a long week is important, but so is changing things up every now and again. There’s a whole city of weird, crazy and unusual stuff waiting to be explored; here are 12 activities that will give you something fascinating to talk about around the water cooler next week.

Reach new heights with this stunt jumping class.


It’s not quite parkour, but if you’re a thrill-seeker who’s always dreamed of moonlighting as a Hollywood stunts worker, this is the activity for you. In this introductory class, you’ll be exposed to the world of high stunt jumping, working with the pros to learn basic fall theory. Available for people of all skill levels, you’ll work your way up from crash mats, to table falls, to the grand finale: falling from heights as high as 30 feet! What better way to celebrate fall than to fall into the season?

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Get trapped with Zombies!

Room Escape

Halloween’s come early! With this zombie-inspired room escape activity, you and your friends will race against the clock to solve a series of puzzles in 60 minutes or less. A perfect way to practice for the zombie apocalypse —or to get an up-close-and-personal look at some zombies—grab your friends (or future zombie chow) and get to work.

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A mafia walking tour you can’t refuse.

little italy

If you’ve seen Goodfellas or The Godfather or Scarface a few dozen times (if you haven’t, get on it), you’re sure to enjoy this walking tour of 20th century American mafia. Fact is stranger than fiction, after all. Featuring the hotspots—including tenements, cafés, restaurants, social clubs, funeral homes and even alleyways—of where all the action happened, this tour will have you exploring the darker side of the Big Apple’s history. Just don’t run your mouth about the things your guide tells you—or else.

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Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic.

sleight of hand

Disappointed that you’re a Muggle? Live too far away from the Harry Potter theme parks? Don’t worry. You can always attend a real life magic show. New York’s longest running magic show is as fantastic as ever. With guests from New York’s tight-knit community of professional magicians and illusionists, you’ll see a mix of established professionals and named magicians and up-and-comers who will wow you with the art of illusion. Just don’t let anyone saw you in half!

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Explore Bodies: the Exhibition.


You want to talk about crazy dates? You’ll have plenty of conversation starters after you visit Bodies: the Exhibition, which features preserved bodies that look nothing like that skeleton from Biology class. Trailblazing scientist Gunther von Hagens perfected the science of Plastination in the 1970s and has spent his life cultivating this amazing educational exhibition. If you’re not too squeamish, swing by this one-of-a-kind display at Discovery Times Square.

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Share a box of Cubans with this course.

Does anyone else think of country clubs and business meetings when they think of cigar clubs? Well, the world of cigars is much more inclusive than that. If you enjoy the smell and cut of a good cigar—even if you’re a non-smoker—you’re welcomed with open arms to this cigar 101 class. From cutting, lighting, ashing, smoking to simply enjoying a fine, premium cigar, you’ll impress friends with your great knowledge and appreciation for cigars.

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Say Konnichiwa to learning basic Japanese.

learn Japanese

Care to explore Japanese culture beyond Pokemon, Hello Kitty, sushi and samurai swords? In this course, you’ll begin learning how to speak basic and conversational Japanese. By studying customary phrases while watching entertaining videos from Japanese pop culture, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported thousands of miles away—all without having left NYC. After taking this course, you’ll definitely be able to impress your date next time you go out for sushi.

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Juggling work and life? Why not just learn how to actually juggle?


Juggling isn’t just for clowns, the circus and working parents anymore. In fact, it’s a pretty cool exercise and skill that burns 260 calories an hour while creating healthy gray matter in your brain. Plus, what a cool skill to bring out at parties! This juggling 101 class is a favorite because of its one-on-one instruction and personalized attention for people of all-skill levels. From the uncoordinated to the master athlete, this course will have anyone and everyone juggling in no time.

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Get cheeky with nude body painting.


Not sure about that tattoo just yet? There are other ways for you to be a living canvas or to test it out. Take this nude body painting class, for example. Over a two-hour private session, a professional artist will paint a picture or image of your choice on your body, making you the canvas. Unwind, strip down and become a part of the art itself.

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The art and science of medicinal herbs.

alternative medicine
alternative healing

Sick of being sick? Maybe it’s time to switch up the medicine you’re taking by studying the art and science of medicinal herbs. Explore the basics of traditional herbal medicine as passed down by wise women and learn how to prepare your own herbal medicine, including tinctures, infusions, oils and salves for your own herbal medicine supply. You’ll leave this class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and with a few goodies in tow that you can try out in the comfort of your own home.

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BubbleBall? More like bubble brawl!


Rally up your friends for the weirdest athletic game you’ll play in your lives. Introducing BubbleBall, the sport that’s more aggressive than soccer but safer than football thanks to big bubble barriers that the players wear during the game. Bounce, flip and roll in your very own plastic bubble and make up the rules as you go. Or just try and knock each other down—whatever works best for you and the future of your friendships.

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Soup for the soul, meditation for the mind.


Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, stress or are just looking to try something new, this meditation class may be the perfect remedy to calm your mind. In this 30 minute primer class, your experienced instructor will walk you through the power of meditation with an intro to breathing and aligning your energies. Meant to create positive effects on the rest of your everyday life, meditation may become a part of your relaxation routine after you’ve taken this class.

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