13 NYC Date Ideas for the Quirky Couple
You're adorkable. Your bf/gf is adorkable. You're both into dates off the beaten path, which is what makes the two of you such a dynamite duo. If you're looking to mix your regular scheduled programming up a bit, check out these 13 awesome date ideas.

Your favorite underground and indie films on a rooftop movie theater

A twist on the classic dinner and a movie combination, see famous underground cinema at one of NYC's best rooftop movie theaters all across New York. From Sundance short films to offbeat indies, grab some sophisticated popcorn and a blanket for two to bring out your intellectual side.

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Juggling for two


If you missed out on your chance to join the juggling club in college, now's the time to partner up and take this easy, one-hour tutorial class. And for everyone else, did you know that juggling for one hour can burn 280 calories? That it can grow grey brain matter? Whatever that is. Learn the art of juggling objects in your hands and maybe they'll let you in on the secret to juggling your love life with everything else. Probably not though.

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Create photo evidence of a date that never happened

Okay, this may not be targeted toward quirky couples, but to insane ones. Regardless, what an awesome prank to pull off with your partner in crime! Construct the details of an outrageous date adventure-something you would never do, like bungee jumping-and bring a camera along to stage the whole event. Some light stalking may be required, but the crime scene staging will surely bond you.

Tattoos too much? How about a nude body painting class where you are the models?


Tattoos are 4EVAR. For those unwilling to commit to some needlework, take your date to this nude body painting class. For two hours, a talented artist will use your body as a canvas to create a beautiful piece of art. Bring a bottle of wine, unwind and disrobe for a night you won't regret the next morning.

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C'est la vie? "Love ee"-learn the language of love for that trip to Paris

Did you get my bad joke? No. But maybe you will once you and your other half take a conversational French class. Learn the hippest language equivalents to "bae", "on fleek" and "off the hook" for that trip for Paris you've been meaning to book. Or better yet, learn pickup lines, names for body parts and dirty language you never learned in your high school French class. Note: this class is taught in English, so no need to be French fluent.

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Surprise! A surprise party you can book without knowing what it is

Sometimes, you just want someone to throw you a surprise party. If no one's up to the task (even your significant other), book a surprise event and throw caution to the wind. Fill out a short questionnaire and be hooked up on a completely random adventure-it could be anything from ice skating to finger painting to woodcarving. The ultimate test to see if you and your date are really up for anything, this is like a blind date where you know the person, but better.

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Levitate into the air via a hot air balloon

The closest chance you'll ever have to riding a magic carpet, jump into this balloon with your SO to see the sights and sing "A Whole New World" to one another, ad nauseum. Glide above the trees, the clouds and the paper towns while sipping on some champagne with your non-sham friend; then land safely for a mini picnic. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

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Construct a blanket fort for a night-in

For those nights where you don't want to go anywhere, it's time to take all of the blankets, sheets and pillows in your apartment to construct one amazing fort. There are some awesome tips you can follow here, or just go with your gut and throw soft cushiony items all over the place.



Arcades ain't just for kids! Get in touch with your inner pinball wizard by grabbing two all-day passes to this pinball arcade. You'll get in-and-out privileges, so grab pub-grub as you like from one of the many surrounding pubs or restaurants, and head back to practice the art of pinball with a cheerleader or fellow competitor by your side. With high energy games and friendly staff, this place is gaming gold.

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Standing on your feet is boring-learn how to stand on your hands instead


If a gymnast you are not, no worries. You can still learn how to use your hands as feet in this beginner handstanding class. Learn to balance somebody's weight on your feet, build muscle strength and flexibility-all while getting a killer workout.

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Coffee and crosswords mad libs

There's that romantic comedy trope where everyone in NYC does the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink. First of all, why would you use ink? That's far too big of a commitment. Second of all, that's played out. Instead, grab a book of Mad Libs and head to a cafe one afternoon. Ask for suggestions from your fellow caffeine addicts and you'll have one fun time constructing a crazy story together.

The butler always did it! A locked mystery game for crime solving duos


Grab your Sherlock Holmes to your John Watson (or vice versa) to participate in this trapped room mystery: penthouse edition. Look for clues, break out those deductive reasoning skills you've tucked away and work together with your lover and your team to crack the code.

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Learn to lie from a pro and play poker


Lying is called "bluffing" in poker, and now's your chance to check how good of a liar your girlfriend or boyfriend is. This poker class introduces the basic rules of the game, including when to fold or when to bluff away next month's rent. Plus, you can learn how to signal the other player when you have a good hand or not in subtle ways-which can help you take home the pot for those future poker nights.

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