6 Dates That Break NYC Dating Stereotypes
If Paris is the city of love and light, New York is the city of stereotypical love. That’s not to say that true love doesn’t happen here (but if you’re single and ready to mingle, holla at ya girl), but how we think of dating in New York can often fall victim to clichés. Namely, that everything moves fast, that we date a lot of people, that we always take moonlit walks through Central Park, and on and on and on. Well, we decided to do something about that by rounding up a few date ideas that turn these stereotypes on their heads.

Stop and smell the roses (on that painting).


New Yorkers are always in a hurry to get places. Why not slow things down with your loved one by participating in a 3-hour BYOB painting class? Instead of drafting proposals and tracing data points, you'll draft, draw, sketch and paint to make your very own masterpiece. Learn all about composition, brushstrokes, color mixing and more so you slow down, relax and enjoy your date in very atypical New York fashion.

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Dinner and a show—re, re, remixed.

interactive theater
walking tour

New Yorkers are always go, go, go—even during their dates. With this interactive theater show, you don’t have to give up on your classic dinner-and-a-show date or your high energy ways. You’ll just enjoy them with a twist. Accomplice The Village has taken the “all the world’s a stage” line a little too literally. You and your partner (and the rest of the audience) move with the crew on a comedic, immersive scavenger hunt around the city for a unique theater-going experience. It’s a “typical” New York date that breaks all barriers.

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Take me out to the kitchen.


Would you rather cook a homemade meal or go out to dinner? Some of you will side with cooking, the rest of New York with eating out. What if we told you that you and your partner could do both? Skip dining out and bring the wonders of NYC cooking to your own kitchen with this class. You’ll learn how to create complete dishes from your favorite restaurants in NYC like Nobu, The Smith and Glaser's Bake Shop. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

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Snow better way to enjoy whiskey.


There are two things New Yorkers hate with absolute certainty: when the subways are down and when nature impedes them getting around their city. You’ve already survived #Blizzard2016 in an urban environment, but nature is best enjoyed in, well, nature. If you want hike in snow where snow is meant to be, take your partner on a romantic trip to the Minnewaska Preserve. Here, you’ll swap your boots for snowshoes for a hike to New York’s finest whiskey distillery. There’s no better way to warm up!

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Central Park perks.

city game
new york city

Central Park is the setting of many a romantic comedy. The characters stroll through the park late at night or jump in the pond or do something that a real New Yorker would probably never ever never ever want to do. Skip the moonlight outing and get ready to run through the park instead with this amazing scavenger hunt task. Turning New York into one giant game, you’ll flip the stereotypical New York date on its head for something a lot more fun and active. Grab your running shoes and show off who knows NYC better.

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Do as the ramens do.

cooking class

Let us ask you a question: how often do you cook real meals in your apartment? We take that silence as a “never.” That’s probably because you’re used to those late-night college eats or expensive meals on the town. You might be used to just microwaving dry noodles at home, but did you know that there is an entire artform to cooking ramen? In this class, you’ll forgo the regular knife skills classes to learn how to perfect cooking something you already make—just homestyle. It’s the ultimate way to throwback to your college days and still impress your date with a healthy and delicious meal.

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