6 First Dates Your Coolest Friends Would Recommend
First dates should be all of three things: fun, inexpensive and social. You need to be able to get to know one another in a setting that’s relaxed but still a touch romantic. We know this, your friends know this, and that’s why you should listen to us when it comes to date ideas. Enough with dinner and a show—here’s what your coolest friends would recommend for a great first date in NYC.

Public cupping.


Get your mind outta the gutter! A twist on the, “We should get coffee sometime” line, this public cupping class will teach you and your date all about the art of evaluating coffee. While you’re getting to know each other, you’ll learn to engage your senses to find your perfect cup of coffee, from fragrance to flavor. And if there’s a date two, you now know their coffee order.

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Beer and NYC pizza: a perfect match.

greenwich village tour
food tours

Pizza and beer is the perfect recipe for an amazing but relaxed date. Munch on a slice of ‘za and drink beer all day on this walking tour through Greenwich Village. When you aren’t chowing down on deep dish and sampling the best beer the city has to offer, you’ll walk through historic speakeasies, bars and restaurants in the neighborhood. It’s the ultimate afternoon date for those who want to share a slice of life together.

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Reach new heights at West Village’s The High Line.

Central Park is too romantic, Prospect Park is too prospective and Brooklyn Bridge Park is too much of a hike. If you agree, why not take a walk through The High Line in West Village, a man-made urban landscape and park that cuts straight through the city. This space acts as a stargazing retreat for New Yorkers in love (or those ready to fall in love), which makes it a perfect first stroll for young lovers.

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Don’t wine about this tour and tasting.

wine tasting

Leave the boxed wine at home for a chance to explore NYC’s wine country. And when we say wine country, we mean Brooklyn. You and your date will go behind the scenes to discover how wine is made in an urban setting, from production to distribution. After, you’ll partake in tastings to discover your personal wine palette and preferences, all while getting to know your date. Plus, you know, there’s alcohol involved.

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Treats with someone sweet.

red velvet

Let’s be real: the best part of every meal is the dessert. Chocolate, cake, ice cream, pie—you name it, it’s always better than what came before it. For this first date, skip the regular trip to your local Italian restaurant or sushi joint and instead enjoy a meal entirely made of dessert. On this walking tour, you’ll visit the hottest bakeries and parlors in Greenwich Village while walking off those calories and getting to know one another. What could be sweeter?

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Learn to juggle your love life.


If you want to do something active on your first date, but don’t want to do something too expensive (or dangerous), juggling is a safe bet. In this workshop, you’ll practice the art of juggling under the guidance of a skilled performer while learning how to incorporate this fun activity into your fitness routine. It’s hilarious, it’s harmless (put down those chainsaws) and you can bond over how terrible you are at it.

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