7 Anniversary-Worthy NYC Dates
Paper, cotton, leather… china? If you’ve seen Gone Girl, you know that each anniversary gift is supposed to have a theme to it. As much as we value tradition, sometimes you want to celebrate your relationship by doing more than what’s expected of you. Instead of wood, bronze and linen, why not body paint, brunch and bar-hopping? Here are some unique ideas to make your next anniversary in NYC romantic, special and exciting.

Tattoos too much? Then nude body painting it is.


NO RAGRETS 4EVAR. If you want to show your date some love on your upcoming anniversary, grab your partner, disrobe and have a talented artist create a beautiful piece of art on your bodies. It’s not as extreme as tattoos, but it’s just as fun. Bring a bottle of wine, unwind and get naked for a night you won’t regret the next morning.

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It takes two to tango.

drinking and dancing

Maybe you already know how to tango, salsa and do the Carlton, but that doesn’t mean you know how to do it with your partner. For your next big anniversary, treat yo’ self and yo’ bf/gf to this tango class. You’ll learn all the basic steps and fancy footwork so you won’t look like dancing fools at the next wedding you attend. Sensual, graceful and confident, you’ll pick up moves that makes Mick Jagger look like an amateur.

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A trip to Hipsterville’s art galleries.


For the partners who fancy themselves to be artsy, cultural folk, you’ll want to make the trip out to Williamsburg for your anniversary. Starting at Bedford Avenue, you’ll visit the area’s best art galleries featuring forward-thinking pieces by the industry’s most innovative artists. Afterward, you’ll be close to Williamsburg's vast array of shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafes so you can find somewhere cuddle up while you talk art.

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Brunch by the bay, anyone?


Riddle me this: what’s better than brunch? Answer: enjoying brunch while touring NYC by sea. To celebrate your anniversary, one-up your regular brunch outing by cruising around Manhattan on a 1920s style yacht. While sipping on mimosas and enjoying delicious food, you’ll get a seaside tour of the entire island of Manhattan. It’s guaranteed to be the best brunch cruisine you’ve ever had.

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A date as sweet as sugar.

cupcake baking
date ideas

What’s sweeter: the love for your partner or the cupcakes you’ll make together on this date? It’s too close to call, but either way you’ll have a sweet time hanging out with your best friend. Together, the two of you will mix, scoop, bake, cool and ice decadent cupcakes. If you’re already sweet on each other, this date will spice up your love life.

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Stay gold through those golden years.


Jewelry is a perfect present for any anniversary. To make this one special, why not create custom rings for one another? This 18K gold ring making course carefully shows you how. You’ll design, set and engrave initials on a ring that you won’t be able to find at your local jewelry shop. Is there anything more romantic than taking the time to make something beautiful for one another?

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Wining your way through the West Village.

wine tasting

Wine is a way of life; anniversaries are a celebration of a life shared. Combine the two and you’re in for a good time. This anniversary, take your partner on a wine tour of the West Village. You’ll head to plenty of different locations like Cantina Corsino, A.O.C. and Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar to taste up to six wine varietals and sample some appetizers and chocolates. Wine not, amiright?

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