7 Delectable Dinner Date Ideas
Ah... date night. It’s about taking a moment to show that special someone just how much they mean to you and -- stuffing your faces with a delicious feast. The dinner date may not be the most original way to spend an evening together, but seventy percent of the time it works every time.

However, seeing as how you live in the city with the most diverse and tasty selection of restaurants in the world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to add a bit spice to your plain-Jane dinner date. In NYC, it can be a daunting task, but not to worry! These unique and romantic date ideas will not only bring you and your partner closer together, they’ll also fill that bottomless hole you call a stomach.

When the Moon Hits Your Eye


There’s no stronger bond between lovers than the one that comes from creating something together; Some couples make babies, other couples make pizza. You’ll learn the secret techniques that go into making the latter (New York style, of course!) while taking full advantage of an open bar.

You and your partner will feel like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze on the pottery wheel in Ghost as you both get your hands messy with tomato sauce and shredded cheese. But, unlike clay, you can lick the pizza ingredients right off your partner’s fingers.

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A Killer Date Night


The theater always makes for a romantic evening. But by the third act, your appetite has transformed into “downright hungry.” No, sorry, you can’t order Seamless on Broadway, but here’s a better solution for date night:

Murdered by the Mob Dinner & Show.

It’s the perfect way to see a hilarious theater production while indulging in a delicious three course meal. Unlike most live acts, you’ll get to engage with the cast as you try to solve the mystery before dessert. Combining the exciting spectacle of theater with the romance of a candle-lit dinner, all five of the senses will be smitten on this fun and tasty date.

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Pairing for Pairs

wine and cheese

Who says cheese and wine don’t make for a perfectly adequate, balanced meal? Aren’t they each their own food group? Okay, so maybe it doesn’t make for the healthiest dish, but it does make for a very romantic date night. Especially if you and your partner are given expert advice on how to pair the wine and cheese to make mouthwatering combinations.

That’s exactly what you’ll do at this wine & cheese pairing located near New York’s ultra-chic Meatpacking District. Feed each other tantalizing bites from a huge assortment of delicious cheeses and sip wines that bring out all of the robust and smoky flavors to get you goin’. Dinner, shminner, am I right?

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Boozy Brunch Bites

bloody marys

You’re a hopeless romantic and your baby loves brunch, so flip your dinner plans upside down by doing this daytime meal instead. And this lesson in brunch 101 is not your mom’s cooking class. Not only will you learn to how make incredibly tasty brunch foods, like almond raspberry scones and sauteed artichoke & mushroom quiche with goat cheese, you’ll learn how each recipe affects your body and libido.

Fun and sexy atmosphere + complimentary mimosas and Bloody Mary’s = brunch date done right!

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A Voyage for Lovers

date idea

A dinner cruise is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic ways to experience New York. You’ll combine gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline with a top-notch buffet prepared by talented chefs as you slip through the New York Harbor. Take in the spectacular panoramic views as you sample all of the tasty dishes.

Grab a drink for your special someone (they’re included) and take a romantic stroll along the deck. But be careful with this date idea! It’s so epicly romantic that once you experience it, you’ll never be able to top it again -- you’ve been warned.

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A Taste of Greenwich Village


What is it about Greenwich Village that is so romantic? Is it the rich and colorful history? Perhaps the old-timey gas lamps that line the narrow, cobblestone streets? Or, is it the amazing variety of foods and restaurants that are scattered throughout the neighborhood?

It’s the food, definitely the food.

Hop on this tour, and you and your partner will get to take a romantic walk through the quaint streets and try some of the neighborhood’s best cuisine. You’ll get to taste everything from Mediterranean delicacies to authentic New York bagels with shmear. Hey, no good date has ever ended without a decadent dessert!

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Sweet Tooth for Sweethearts

red velvet

Dinner is good fun and all, but everyone knows dessert is where it’s at. It has the power to make or break a romantic evening out. So, we say don’t save the best for last -- Make it the whole date. On this dessert walking tour, you and your sweetheart will visit a variety of renowned cupcake shops, bakeries, and a creameries to try all of the decadent and sugary treats you encounter along the way.

Share tie-dyed cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, and feed each other scoops of tantalizing gelato ice cream from Amorino, a critically acclaimed dessert shop. Let your partner know just how sweet you think they are -- you can get to the dinner part later.

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