7 NYC Date Ideas for Foodies, One For Everyday of the Week
New York is heaven for self-described foodies and amateur Instagrammers, thanks to the variety of excellent cuisine across NYC's five boroughs. If you've found your soulmate-or at least another food lover-it's likely that you already center your dates around perfectly crafted lattes and ornately arranged brunches. To mix things up, try these date ideas for NYC foodie adventures.

Breakfast for dinner, forever.

Too hungover to wake up and go to brunch? No problem. With New York's fine array of dining options, there are so many excellent places to devour breakfast food at dinnertime. At Clinton St. Baking Company, gorge on their infamous warm maple butter pancakes-but only after an unusually long wait time, even by New York's standards. You can also head to Veselka for some Ukrainian-American breakfast delights or Chelsea's iconic Empire Diner to enjoy anything from their menu at any time.

Which do you want more: Chinese or Italian food? Or, better yet, both?

Italian food tour
Chinatown food tour
food tour

Choosing between Chinese food and Italian food in NYC is like choosing which of your children you love best. There's no need to make a Sophie's Choice when you and your date embark on a walking food tour of Chinatown and Little Italy. Stop by six different locations to sample a rich history of culture and cuisine. One moment it could be a cannoli, the next dumplings. Simply, this is a must-do for your next foodie date.

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Chocoholics, beware.

food tour
dessert tour

The best chocolatiers in Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District are just steps away in this couples-encouraged chocolate walking tour. Learn the history of handed-down recipes, taste every kind of chocolate delight-from macarons to classic chocolate chip cookies-and score discounts on any chocolate you will inevitably buy (try not to buy the entire store).

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The ultimate college combination: pizza and beer.

greenwich village tour
food tours

Learn the history of the celebrated pizza and beer combo in NYC's favorite foodie neighborhood, Greenwich Village. Between chugging down beer and devouring pizza, you and your foodie soulmate-or just date-will visit historic bars that drew in the likes of Fitzgerald and Bob Dylan. Plus, pizza and beer.

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Tour a brewery in Brooklyn

Brooklyn brews are a staple of hipster culture and life, but you'll be hard pressed to criticize their delicious local pours. In Brooklyn's Northside neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, you can tour the best of the brewery and sample tastings for two. It's a great way to explore "hip" Brooklyn, and if you can't stomach that, there's a good chance you'll be a little tipsy while you're there anyways.

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D'oh: Feast your eyes and stomachs on delicious vegan doughnuts.

Foodies with health restrictions can still enjoy a good doughnut. With over 200 flavors, some of their staples include coconut, cinnamon sugar and jelly-filled. Select one (or a few), some ice cream and maybe a cup of joe and unwind in the sweet aroma of freshly baked doughnuts.

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Make like the French and make macarons.


Foodies aren't necessarily the best cooks or bakers, but any foodie will probably eat their way through kale just to take this macaron making course. You and your date will learn how to bake these popular and delicious delights from scratch, all while learning their long, fascinating history in French culture. Afterwards, enjoy tasting the treats with a steamy beverage alongside Mille-Feuille's parisian chefs.

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