8 Ideal First Dates For the Hopeless Romantic
First dates tend to fall into two categories: “been there, done that” and “I can’t do that on a first date!” The first is boring and the second is confounding—who says you can’t mix it up a little? We have the perfect antidotes (antidates?) to first date–fatigue that are plenty romantic and intimate. Here are our favorite NYC first dates for the hopeless romantic in you.

The way to your date’s heart is through their stomach.

cooking class
culinary art

At least, that’s what my momma always said. If you’re tired of always eating out at New York’s expensive establishments, you should take your date to this sensual Italian cooking class instead. You’ll learn plenty of new cooking techniques and recipes as together you prepare penne pasta with baby peas, chicken with prosciutto cream sauce and a selection of mouthwatering desserts. And even if your date isn’t the one, you’ll at least know how to make great food in the future for whoever is.

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Burlesque show for two.


Calling all who want a memorable first date! Burlesque may be the venue for you. At NYC’s infamous Le Scandal Cabaret, you and your date will be up close and personal with the variety show of sword-swallowing bellydancers, contortionists, cowboys, jugglers, magicians and, of course, burlesque performers. From sultry strip teases to hilarious pantomime, it’s the perfect left-field show to attend for an unusual and surprising date.

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I do… want to make gold rings together.


It’s far too early to pop the question on your first date (or is it?), but wouldn’t it be the best engagement story ever if you ended up making each other’s engagement rings on your first night out? We think so. In this gold and silver ring making class, you’ll learn how to form a silver or brass ring, set a small diamond and engrave your name and date on the ring. The best part? You won’t have to say “yes” or “I do” to take home a custom-made ring at the end of the night.

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V-Day romance paints a perfect picture.

date idea

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, but it’s notoriously a “cursed” first date. It’s time to change that perception. For the artsy soon-to-be couples, this BYOB art class shows you how to mix a little wine, a little mess and a lot of love to create something beautiful. Brush up on your brushstroke techniques, sip on some wine and get to know one another. It’s art 101 meets date #1 for a fun time.

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Drink, hike, hike, drink.


HIking is an excuse to a) drink b) be outside and c) appreciate time away from the distractions of the ‘real’ world. That’s why it’s perfect first date material. This six-mile hiking tour of the Shawangunk Mountains lets you take in the sights, get some one-on-one time with your date and taste different whiskeys in a picture perfect location. Win, win, win!

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What’s more romantic than zombie hunting?


Can you survive the imminent zombie attack? Can you survive spending six hours with someone on your first date? In this active zombie running (and hunting) course, you and your date will gear up and infiltrate a maximum security prison to contain the outbreak by killing every last walker. Protect your partner and you might even earn a date number two—if you survive the night, that is.

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Fall in love… or off a plane together.


What’s more baller than risking it all and jumping off a plane together? For the adventurous daters, there’s nothing like tandem skydiving for a first date. Free fall into each other’s arms (while harnessed to a professional instructor—you’re a daredevil, not an idiot) while you safely fall at 120 miles per hour. Experience the adrenaline rush of first love. Or skydiving, take your pick.

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Swing your partner round and round.

eat cheese

True story: swing dancing was the thing to do as a couple back in the day, and it’s swinging back around to make a comeback. If you needed a little courage to ask your crush to dance, never fear. At this event, you’ll try out 10 to 12 different kinds of wines before heading to the dance floor. You’ll learn how to swing your partner round and round (without getting dizzy) and have a blast meeting singles and couples with a similar enthusiasm for swinging. But not, you know, swinging.

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