Looking for romantic ways to wine and dine your sweetheart or love interest? Look no further. These dinner dates are sure to impress and refresh, wine and grub included.


Fish Bar

open bar
date night

Are you a seafood-loving foodie? Then this date is for you.

Take your sweetheart (or soon-to-be-sweetheart-if-you-play-your-cards-right) on an exclusive cruise where you’ll feast on a three-course dinner made up of tapas dishes. If that isn’t enticing enough, follow dinner with sparkling wine or beer during the incredible two-hour open bar. Feeling thirsty yet?

Relax as you escape the world through this dining oasis.

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Dinners In The Dark

dinner in dark
date night
unique date

You’ve ventured to almost every 5-star rated Yelp! spot, crossed off the must-see restaurants on your to-do list, and have grubbed many a time at the best mom-and-pop places. So what’s next?

Well, how about changing the atmosphere of the dining experience itself? During Dinners in the Dark, you and your date will be blindfolded as you experience a full-course meal.

Yup, you read that right. Try to guess the dishes and the wine before your blindfolds are removed. Winner gets to decide which of the delicious wines to buy later.

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Vine, Wine, and Dine on East Seneca Lake

wine and dine
east seneca lake
date night

What if you could plan a date that involves wining, dining, escaping the city, and learning? We got you right here.

On this date, you’ll escape the city as you embark on four professional wine tours and tastings on the eastern shore of the Seneca Lake. The beautiful views will serve as an ideal backdrop for a romantic evening with your significant other, or a sure-proven way to impress a first date.  

Complete the day by dining on a fresh, locally-sourced lunch in a beautiful bistro. Talk about a romantic date.

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Wine and Cheese Pairing Cruise (Weekday)

wine and dine
wine and cheese
wine and cheese date
date night wine

Complimentary artisanal cheese, fruit, nuts, and wine. Need I say more?

Sail the waters surrounding Manhattan as you and your date enjoy the views and expand your knowledge on grape varieties, wine regions, and trends. 

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Wine 101

wine 101
learn about wine
wine and dine
date night

If you and your date want to drink a little, eat a little, and learn a little about what you’re drinking, this is the activity for you.

In Wine 101, you’ll learn the basics of wine, and by the end of the class, the once weird words of “aroma,” “body,” and “acidity” will no longer be foreign to your lips.

The best part? Hands down, the fact that this is a class that requires you to drink savory wines. Why couldn’t have college been like that?

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