A Day in Manhattan: 10 Activities You’d Never Think of Trying
A day in the life of a New Yorker may seem fun to tourists, but it usually consists of a long commute, super hard work, another long commute and then maybe an after-work activity or beers with friends. Don’t you think it’s time to break the routine? With these handpicked activities you probably never thought of trying before, you’re guaranteed to have an unusually good time in Manhattan, New Yorker or not.

Delight in dumplings at Mimi Cheng’s.

Remember when dumpling restaurants were oh so cool only a few years ago? Well even if they’re not on trend anymore, they’re still delicious. If you’re in the mood for a quick but satisfying bite, head over to Mimi Cheng’s. Nestled at the apex of surrounding neighborhoods like Gramercy Park, Union Square, East Village, Ukrainian Village and Stuyvesant Heights, at Mimi Cheng’s you can score handmade, delicious dumplings without breaking the bank.

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Skip Broadway and visit a cabaret.


Sure there’s plenty to see in terms of Broadway and Off-Broadway productions in NYC, but on the nights where you want to save some cash and check out a more underground show, you have to head over to Bound for Broadway. Watch newcomers and performers sing, dance and entertain you as they search for their big break. Who knows? You may just be looking at the next big thing.

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Savor NYC sites—and flavors—on this gluten-free food tour.


Gluten-free may be trendy now, but for plenty of NYC sightseers, sticking to a gluten-free diet has always been an important part of their health and lifestyle. On this tour, you won’t have to give up delicious treats; in fact, you’ll get to sample the finest gluten-free baked goods the city has to offer. Stop at bakeries, stores, restaurants and tastings while you enjoy an unusual food tour in the heart of NYC.

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Wildin’ out part deux.


Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… from battling it out against fellow comedians in a hip hop improv show. At this musical comedy improv show, you’ll be entertained by a surprise hip hop star or celebrity guest who will then inspire the troupe to improv a whole new show on the spot. Check out the lineup beforehand in case you’re able to catch a glimpse of a hip hop legend at this intimate venue.

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Enjoy some risky, frisky burlesque.


Flappers, vaudeville, the Jazz Age—what do they all have in common in the 21st century? The tantalizing art of burlesque, of course! At NYC’s infamous Slipper Room you can see it all, from naked burlesque, to swinging acrobats, to aerialists. No matter what happens, you’re bound to get a story out of this risky and frisky evening.

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Top of the world, top of the rock observation deck.

tourist attraction
photo opportunity
rockefeller center

Whether you’re just visiting or have spent your whole life in NYC, you’ll get a completely different feel of the city when viewing it from one of the amazing vantage points around the city. Already visited the Empire State Building? Why not zip up to 30 Rockefeller Center’s observation deck instead! No, you won’t be hanging out with Liz Lemon and the TGS gang, but you will get to see a spectacular view of the city that never sleeps. Best of all, your ticket lets you cut through the lines to see famous landmarks like Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the East River.

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Taste heavenly dishes in Hell’s Kitchen.

We’re not talking about Gordon Ramsey’s signature restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about getting yelled at. Dine in comfort at Hell’s Kitchen where you will enjoy some delicious, authentic Mexican food. With classic dishes like tamales, tacos, burritos and margaritas, this sit-down Midtown joint is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Their 9th Avenue location is opening soon, so be sure to reserve a table in advance!

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Drink, drank, drunk history tour.

pub crawl

If you ever get the chance to sit down for an interview for Comedy Central’s Drunk History, you may want to tell the story of that time you and your friends toured the West Village’s best bars, pubs and drinking holes. You can demand your knowledgeable (and tipsy) tour guide explain the “historical significance” of anything you and your fellow inebriated comrades see, like a fire hydrant or that penny on the ground. Your guide will respond with a “drunken history,” made up right there on the spot. You’ll also enjoy welcome shots and drink specials at four of the Village’s best pubs so you can start to make some NYC history of your own!

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A window walking tour of NYC’s hottest fashion.

nyc fashion
new york city

Despite living in teeny tiny suites, New Yorkers really know how to pack a closet (or apartment) full of gorgeous clothes. That’s because they live in one of the fashion capitals of the world. If you only have one day to do New York fashion right, try this window walking tour. As you travel down 5th Avenue, you’ll learn the history, theory and inspiration behind NYC’s best fashion and window displays. And don’t worry—there’s always more time to shop!

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Make your mark at St. Mark’s.

You don’t come to Manhattan just to eat at McDonald’s! Instead, visit St. Mark’s street and check out Mark, a favorite local bar that specializes in slider burgers, fries and milkshakes. Perfect for hangover food, drunken eats or just an afternoon lunch, you’ll get your money’s worth here before moving on to see the rest of the weird world known as St. Mark’s.

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