Best Romantic Date Ideas in Brooklyn
Oh, Brooklyn. With your wonderful food, slightly more affordable housing and undeniable cool factor. You're slowly overtaking Manhattan as NYC's most romantic borough thanks to your beer-loving hipsters, flea markets and way cooler parks. If you're planning a romantic date in Brooklyn any time soon, here are some ideas to get you started.

Appreciate beer together


Beer bellies are not attractive, but a day spent with bae sampling the finest craft beers-both bitter and esters-is a day well spent. Compare notes on who has the better tolerance and pallette, which beer tastes hoppier, and together learn more about beer in one brewing class than you did in the entirety of college.

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Plan a picnic at Prospect Park

At the heart of "grownup" Brooklyn is Prospect Park, which for Brooklyn natives is far more appealing than trekking it up to Manhattan's "romantic" Central Park. With roller skating, picnic areas, pedal boating on the lakeside, and plenty of daily events, make your date romantic and spontaneous by just showing up to the park one day hand-in-hand, ready for anything.

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Eat your way through Brooklyn


Fact: a slice of heaven is a slice of Brooklyn pizza. What's more romantic than shoving your face with cheesy goodness? No, really. Absolutely nothing. On this bus tour, you'll learn plenty about the history of pizza in historic Brooklyn neighborhoods, like DUMBO and Coney Island, and you'll even get to witness scenes from famous movies shot in Brooklyn.

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Chow down on Smorgasburg

Open outdoors every weekend from April to November, Smorgasburg is the epitome of hipster eating, courtesy of the Brooklyn Flea market. Over a hundred vendors offer their best grub for a price that won't break the bank with some pretty amazing food. The perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday, wear your Weekender sweatpants to match your SO and everyone will know you mean business.

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Board game night for two and up

board game

There's nothing sexier than your brain, so put it to impressive use by scoring triple word scores in this Scrabble Club. Make board game night here romantic by bringing a bottle of wine, a dictionary (no making up words) and some competitive nature (Scrabble can get heated). Stay as long as you like, leave for dinner and quietly come back to avenge yourselves.

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Intro to pottery 101

There's a reason why that scene in Ghost is iconic-it's super romantic (and slightly creepy!). Taking this class with your gf/bf, you'll get the hang of pottery wheel basics to create your own bowl or cylinder. Get your hands dirty, make something for your SO and try and reenact that Ghost scene. It's hard.

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Roll up your favorite sushi in this class made for two

japanese cuisine

Not only will you learn how to make classic sushi like the California, Salmon and Alaska rolls, but you can also create your own and name it after yourself. Sushi lovers will dive hands-in to prepare sushi from start to finish, pairing your rolls with the perfect ingredients and side rice samples. Add this super low key and romantic date to your roster and you will never have to wait in line for sushi again.

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Saturday Night Fever: Latino Edition

social event

Take the dance party from your living room to this dance studio in Brooklyn, where you'll learn how to salsa, shimmy and shake with the best of them-instead of just flailing around. Helpful for learning grace, precision and how to not fall on your face as you dance with your SO, this studio hosts the best salsa lessons in Brooklyn.

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Sleep under the stars on one of Brooklyn

Take the subway, Uber, your car (if you're crazy enough to keep one in NYC) and head over to Brooklyn's shorelines in the middle of the night. Bring blankets, wine or coffee and watch the sunrise as the sky turns a darkish blue to a pretty purple hue. Simple, romantic and cold. Seriously, bring warm clothing.

Attend a Brooklyn Brainery class together

Have you ever wanted to know really irrelevant knowledge? Perhaps some incredibly specific facts, like how bug beds took over the world or what influenced the Medieval spice trade? Then a Brooklyn Brainery class is perfect for you and your boo. Affordable, accessible classes ranging from the obscure (Mesopotamian Mythology) to the less obscure (tree identification), bring out your inner nerds to attend a class that merges both of your interests or none at all.

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