First Date Ideas for the New Yorker
Welcome to the world of dating in America's best, biggest and weirdest dating scene. Finding someone in New York should be easy just by numbers alone, but any New Yorker will tell you it's hard to find "the one" or even just one decent date. For when you do snag a good date, we have some perfect ideas for your first rendez-vous.

Wino forever-how about a classy wine tasting.

wine tours
wine tasting

Loosen up those first date nerves by discovering the world of wine in SoHo. Stopping by City Winery, a full-service spot, lay your claim on a barrel or bottle of your own craft wine before heading out for some cuisine at either a Spanish wine bar or an Italian restaurant. If the date's bad, at least you can blame it on the alcohol.

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Must love dogs.

If "must love dogs" is one of your partner prerequisites, this may be a good place to start. Take your dogs on a walk through Central Park, grab a little treat and wait for those two to sniff everything in a mile-radius. Hopefully your pooches will be just as compatible as you and your date.

BYO everything, if possible.

Why let the restaurant dictate if your food will be delicious? Divy up the responsibilities for your first-class date. Even if you are a terrible cook, you can still bring the spiked hot chocolate and/or wine, depending on the season. Settle down in a park or a small cafe (where you should snag the best pastries) and enjoy how little or much thought your partner put into their contributions while you get to know one another.

Walk off your dessert while strolling through Manhattan's best bakeries.

red velvet

Unless your date is a health nut (in which case, dump them immediately), take your date on this perfect walking tour for two, where you'll stroll around Manhattan's best bakeries and ice cream parlors to hit that sweet spot. Every date out should just be desert, IMHO.

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Break out your Friends trivia to impress at the Museum of Natural History.


Okay, you probably ignored everything Ross said about dinosaurs on that 90s show, but you'll still have a great time showing your date around the best of the best exhibits in the museum. Ditch the regular tour for exclusive access to see the best parts of the museum.

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Get coffee, keep walking.

"We should get coffee sometime." Yes, you should, but sitting down in a noisy and crowded shop is no fun. Why not mix it up by walking around a noisy and crowded city? Pick a neighborhood the two of you are less familiar with while you chat and sip on that coffee getting to know each other and a new hood. Be sure to bring a baked good too!

"Meetcute" at a bookstore for the first time.

The ultimate meetcutes occur in a bookstore, but you can steal a page from this classic cinematic meeting to shape your own cute first date. Browse through the shelves of NYC's most famous bookstores like The Strand, Book Culture or Housing Works to find the perfect book for your date, based on some hard-grilling questions into their past bookish behavior. You can even pretend that's where the two of you met, if you like.