Great Spring Date Ideas in NYC
Winter is not coming. It is gone and good riddance. Now we can enjoy all that spring has to offer, like weather that won't freeze our toes off and new prescriptions for allergy medication. But really, spring is finally here in NYC and it's the perfect time to get out of your shoe-box apartment and see New York again with actual people. If you're looking for some new date ideas for the spring weather, we've got you covered. From hitting flea markets to kayaking the coast, you'll finally be able to enjoy the NYC outdoors.

Flee to Brooklyn Flea on the weekend.

With over 100 flea vendors and 30 food vendors, Brooklyn Flea is the place to spend your weekend mornings and afternoons for some good old-fashioned Brooklyn shopping. Walking hand-in-hand around the various sites, you'll always find something new.

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It takes two to tandem ride a city bike rental.

Adventure through NYC's Central Park to sightsee all of the park's hidden little quirks on a beautiful spring day. Plus, you'll burn calories. That is, if you decide to not let your partner do all the work.

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Catch a baseball game.

Even if you are not a fan, baseball is the best spectator sport for the uninterested-the weather's chill, the food is fried and the game is slow enough to enjoy taking pictures and chatting. With a plethora of NYC teams-including The New York Yankees, The New York Mets, and the Brooklyn Cyclones-you can tan while you day-drink some beer with your date.

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Face NYC's waters by kayaking around the city.


Bordering New York City's stunning skyline is over 500 miles of beautiful coast. If you're up to get a little wet, take your date to well-chartered territories by going on a kayak excursion. Kayak day or night, as the sun sets or rises, to take in the striking views while getting a good workout in.

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Try a one-two punch of hiking and whiskey tasting.


Ron Swanson would wholeheartedly approve. Travel outside of the city limits to hike in the Shawangunk Mountains for six miles, which should be easy peasy for any self-respecting New Yorker. Following your hike, you and your partner will go to New York's only public distillery where you'll sample whiskey and vodka to quench that post-hike thirst.

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Visit a Botanical Garden, or two, or three.

Spring time is the best time to spring to New York's fine Botanical Gardens. Escape the smells of the city and bask in floral aromas. Maybe you'll even be inspired to buy your date some pretty flowers.

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Hit Coney Island up before tourist season begins.

It's not yet summer, so now may be the best time to hit up all of the Coney Island attractions. Head there ASAP before a wave of hot and bothered New Yorkers (and tourists) get in line.

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