New York’s Most Romantic Date Ideas
NYC! It's so enchanting, especially when you are in love. To keep the romance alive and well, we've assembled our favorite romantic activities to do in the city.

Make sweet, sweet music together

Musically inclined? Not so musically inclined? It's the thought that counts. There's really nothing more romantic than a heartfelt artform made exclusively for your other half. Unless you are tone deaf, try to sing or play a song together. Whether it's a lightly strummed cover of "Riptide", an original work or even a sentimental karaoke tribute, there's nothing more personal and romantic than opening yourself up to express yourself via song.

Tour the most romantic spots from your favorite rom-coms

Walking Tours

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a rom-com. Keep your hand raised if you love the romance, especially those iconic scenes where so-and-so confesses their love or it’s just a cute meet-cute. Fans of the rom-com will love this tour of New York’s favorite romantic movie and TV spots. Marathon the movies the night before your tour so you are ready to reenact scenes at all of the locations. Take photos. Stay cheesy.

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So many double entendres, so little time. Welcome to aphrodisiac cooking 101

sexy cooking

What’s sexy food? It certainly isn't those hot dogs you grab on dollar dog night at the baseball game. It's far more seductive than that. To ensure more romantic nights to come, take your date to this aphrodisiac cooking class, where you'll learn to prepare and savor a delicious three-course meal. Chef Fed is a phenomenal teacher and chef, and he even lets you take home the leftovers and recipes. You have to attend to understand the brilliance of this class. Go!

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Beginner's salsa

latin dance
partner dance

No, this isn’t a chips-and-dip class - but you might end up doing another type of dipping. Together, learn the art of salsa. Gain confidence on the dance floor as you are introduced to beginner techniques to master those fluent, sexy moves.

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Champagne for my real friends, wine for my real love

sparkling wine

In the mood to celebrate? In the mood to alcohol? Then you'll love this champagne and wine tasting class to develop that sophisticated pallette you’ve always wanted. With a light, romantic mood and a lesson taught by a wine connoisseur, Shari Schneider, you'll be able to pair plenty of wine for your future fancy dinners.

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Come sail with me, come sail, let's sail away


On this Twilight cruise (sans vampires), float around NYC at dusk to feel like you and your other half - and New York - are the center of the world. Stocked with a full bar at your disposal, relax and unwind under the orange and purple sky and then under the stars. Hold hands, whisper sweet-nothings and take in the incredible views for an unforgettable night.

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Chocolate lovers

dessert tour
dessert walking tour

If your idea of romance is chocolate-covered anything and everything, this chocolate tour may be for the two of you. Enjoy a sampling of chocolate delights from the likes of Chelsea Market, Lilac Chocolates, Chocolate Bar and five other famous NYC establishments to experience their legendary chocolate creations. Just don't fight over who gets what.

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Nude figure drawing


The human body is an artform, and it's on display in this nude figure drawing class. All skill levels are welcome to come and draw nude figures as a form of art. This may seem like a weird idea of romance, but that's because you are forgetting to draw them like one of your French girls. Take a note from Titanic and embrace how sensual the human body is.

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Central Park bike tour


Stroll through the most beautiful and romantic park in all of New York via a tandem bike ride, where you’ll look adorable sightseeing and enjoying each other’s company. And as to where to go and what to see, the package includes maps and the best trails to test. Pack a lunch, hop on a bike and enjoy an easy afternoon date.

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Massage away your stressful lives

sensual touch

Love a good massage? Learn how to give a good massage in this romantic, sensual class for two. Connect on a deeper level with your better half and master the intuitive techniques to make your partner feel relaxed and stress-free.

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