You’re in New York, the city of dreams. However, if you’re planning a date right now, you might also know it as the city of nightmares. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to know when you’ve got it right.

What’s even worse, the pressure is ten times stronger when you’re planning a first date with your lovely lady/guy friend. You’re supposed to plan a perfect night, AND make a good impression, AND get to know the other person a little better? How do you do ALL of that?

Well lucky for you, we here at Vimbly can help you with the planning. The other two are entirely up to you. Here are 5 first date ideas in New York to get you started.



It’s Elementary

escape rooms
date ideas

To ease the tension: instead of trying to figure each other out the entire night, why don’t you try figuring out how to escape this room together?

It’s a win no matter how you look at it. If you two are Sherlock Holmes fans, you’re going to have a field day; if you find you work well together, then you know your communication skills are top notch and you’re definitely compatible; if you find you don’t like each other, it’ll hopefully give you the motivation you need to, you know, escape the room.

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Do You Have The Same Taste?

food tour
greenwich village
first date

This might be a good one to try out if food means a lot to you. You wouldn’t want to have countless fights about where to eat with your could-be bae, now would you? If that’s not a problem with you, all the better. Then you’ll just have a good time getting to know your date as you eat your way through one of the prettiest parts of Manhattan. Win.

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Pizza it Together

pizza making
first date

Do you and your date have differing opinions on which boroughs’ pies are the best? Why don’t you extend an olive branch and just make your own, and then claim that as the best? Learn how to work with your (hopefully) future SO in making a pizza that will best encapsulate both of your personalities.

No better way to get to know someone than by getting your hands floury together on a pizza.


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A Fancy First Date

first date

Looking to make a more traditional, luxurious splash on your first date? Literally live it up with your future bae as you hit up not one, not two, but three different rooftop bars and lounges in New York City.

Take in the wonder that is the New York skyline at night as you and your date enjoy drinks and pretty party places. This could be a night to remember, so long as you don’t drink yourself silly.

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Where... Wherefore art...

drunk shakespeare
first date

You want to impress your date with how cultured you are, but don’t want to come off pretentious. You want see something fancy, but also have a good laugh. Sounds like a tough one, right? Wrong. You can show your date all of this and more by attending a showing of the popular Drunk Shakespeare, where actors perform classic Shakespeare plays while inebriated.

This date has everything. It has the zaniness that comes from being drunk, but neither of you will embarrass yourselves. You can say you’ve enjoyed a night of highbrow culture because it’s Shakespeare.

You can say you had a silly time because, you know, all the actors are drunk. Guaranteed fun times for all, and it’ll hopefully be fun enough to get you a second, third and fourth date with that special someone.

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