NYC Staycation: 6 Perfect Couples Activities That Don't Break the Bank
Vacations are expensive—romantic vacations are doubly so. If you’re trying to stay local for your next anniversary or for Valentine’s Day in order to save on cash, we hear you. Luckily, there are so many activities on the cheap for couples to do in our amazing city that you don’t have to compromise on romance just because you’re staying in NYC. We’ve gathered the most exciting activities you and your partner can do for your next staycation without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Tour the city not by land, but by sea.

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Think you’ve been everywhere in New York? Seen everything from every angle? Maybe you have—by land. Become a tourist again in your own city on this Statue of Liberty evening cruise, where you’ll finally get to see NYC by sea while drinking an assortment of beer, wine, spirits and more. With your partner in crime by your side, this evening is bound to be romantic and checks all of your staycation boxes.

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Dance, dance and join the revolution.


Just because you aren’t travelling south this winter doesn’t mean you can’t dance ballroom and Latin-style. We know you were saving those lessons for a bigger trip, but thankfully you can learn how to move and groove right here in NYC, all while feeling like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise. In 90 minutes, you’ll develop fancy footwork and some serious skills. If you ever make it to Mexico or Puerto Rico or wherever, you’ll be more than able to blend in with the locals.

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Classic cocktails for classy folk.


If you’re trying to stay on budget on your staycation, skip the $14 cocktails and expensive bars and opt instead for a classic cocktail making class. From Manhattans to Martinis to Old Fashioneds, you and your partner will learn all the classic cocktail recipes so that you can wow the crowd next time you welcome guests into your home. Once you know the ins and outs of making them, you’ll never pay for an overpriced cocktail again.

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NYZ: prepping for the zombie apocalypse.


Stop worrying about escaping the city this month. What you really should be concerned about is escaping a horde of terrifying zombies! Throughout six hours (you read that right) of intense fun, you and your partner will have to work together to put down a zombie outbreak at a maximum security prison. Gear up, grab a gun and pick off some zombies while bonding over your mutual love of all things morbid and macabre.

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Greenwich grub tour.


Whether you live in the Village or admire it from afar, it’s safe to say you’ve always been jealous of the neighborhood’s killer food scene. Instead of falling down an Internet hole as you read up on the best eats in Greenwich Village, you and your partner should actually take a trip to see the best this borough has to offer. Embark on this free (free!) tour that introduces you to your new favorite restaurants. File this one under: for future reference.

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Meet cute at The MET.

People from all around the world vacation in New York to see its magnificent sites and amazing museums. Why shouldn’t you? At NYC’s most famous museum, The MET, you and your date will receive a one-on-one art instruction class to learn how to draw one another. You’ll feel inspired in a place that houses great works of art and get that creative (and romantic) spark going. After finishing your masterpiece, head up to the MET’s Roof Garden for live music, drinks and the pleasure of a creative night.

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