Wine Tasting in NYC -- Where to Go in Manhattan

Wine tasting: It's a great date idea, but it could mean a dozen different things.

There are the free wine tastings, where tasters are typically expected to purchase a bottle afterwards and social conversation is brief. Then there are the six-course wine tasting dinners, each course accompainied by a healthy glass of paired wine, in which you are guaranteed to find your new BFF couple by the end of the night.

Wine tasting could also include a tour of the very winery that made the wine. These especially make for great date ideas if you're a couple that likes to learn together. Some even take place at the vineyard -- or, in the opposite scenario, other tasting rooms merely showcase the product, existing far from the production process. 

Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, or dip your fingers into the world of wine for the first time, it's important to know what to expect. People are always asking where to go for a great wine tasting in nyc, but the real question is: What kind of wine tasting? Please enjoy this list of Manhattan wine tastings by the 'hood. You'll find each experience is quite unique, so choose the one that fits your style and you're looking at a perfect date!



wine tasting in nyc
wine and swing
wine tasting
swing dancing

Enjoy a night where the focus is on socializing, with a healthy dash of wine and swing! An assortment of 10-12 bottles will be available to taste with cheese and fresh bread nearby to pull out tasting notes.

The setting: A dance floor. Bring your swinging’ shoes!

The sommelier: YOU! This is a hands-on wine tasting experience, so take your own notes!

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New York Harbor

wine tasting in nyc

Looking for a romantic date in NYC? This is about as romantic as it gets. You and yours will get to try wines in a fun, casual and informative experience.

The setting: A sailboat in the New York Harbor. Ah… can’t you hear the gulls already?

The sommelier: An expert from Montesquieu will be onboard to teach you about what you’re drinking.

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Grenwich Village

wine tasting in nyc
grenwich village

See a beautiful Tribeca winery where the casks are full of wine made right here in the city. Learn about the wine-making process and taste wines made onsite.

The setting: Enjoy a knowledgeable experience in a large, yet intimate room. 

The sommelier: A City Winery guide will lead you through the barrels in a fun, casual and informative tour.

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East Village

wine tasting in nyc
east village
wine tour

This Wine 101 class is perfect for the couple who is just dipping their fingers into the vast pool that is The World of Wine. A perfect date idea that will lead to many more in the same fashion -- we promise!

The setting: A cozy bar in the East Village.

The sommelier: Local legend Keith Beavers, a wine and food expert.

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wine tasting in nyc
soho wine tour

A walking tour that takes you to 4 wine tasting locations in SoHo. Not a bad deal! Learn tidbits about the neighborhood as you go on your way -- and gain an understanding of wine culture in the city we love.

The setting: 4 wine tasting locations, including City Winery and Comodo. Travel is by foot so be sure to take walking shoes!

The sommelier: A wine ambassador whose goal is to keep a fun and friendly environment.

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wine tasting in nyc
wine tour

The ultimate “fun couples’ experience:” Get a chance to try at least six different wines from the menus of Three wine locations in Harlem. A tour by foot.

The setting: Three unique and respected restaurants in Harlem, one of NYC’s hottest ‘hoods.

The sommelier: An experienced wine professional or sommelier will guide you on your way.

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financial district
institute of culinary education
wine tasting in nyc

‘Tis time to explore the hottest new (old) trend: rose! (Pronounced: ROW-ZAY) Join the Institute of Culinary Education for a wine tasting experience that will put you at the forefront of today’s trendiest wine.

The setting: A fun, social tasting class “that will invigorate your summer plans.”

The sommelier: in the house! And he/she will show you a variety of rose selections. Better bring that notebook! You’re going to want to keep your favorites handy.

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