Rainy Day Dates for New Yorkers
Rain, rain, go away and come back on a day where I don’t have a date, amirite? As wonderful as rain can be, it’s more of a nuisance than anything in a city with limited green space—especially if you have big plans for the evening. But don’t let the weather force you to take a rain check (pun intended) on that romantic romp. Here are our picks for rainy day dates that will make you happy you stayed indoors.

Tour a museum—or two or three.

Hmmm, if only New York were home to world-class museums and art institutions so you and your partner could have the perfect rainy date outlet. Oh wait, may we recommend going to the Met, MoMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum or the Museum of the City of New York? Spend the day crossing a few of these off your bucket list. For weirder, more obscure museums, try the Museum of the Moving Image, the New York Transit Museum or the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

Painting party, not pity party.

Maybe you aren’t a “museum” couple, but you can get creative in other ways. At this date night for couples looking for an artistic outlet, the two of you will learn step-by-step brushstroke techniques as well as color mixing, composition, texture and theory to create (or recreate) a beautiful work of art for your home. While the rain pitter patters outside, enjoy a night in sipping wine and painting.

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Lace up at Chelsea Piers.

Looking to get your heart racing during your next date? At the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, you and your partner can get moving without ruining your new date shoes. With activities like ice-skating, bowling and hitting some golf balls (open for non-members), the two of you will appreciate staying active while escaping the rainy day blues.

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Survive the zombie apocalypse together.

Room Escape

Being stuck inside all day doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be downright exhilarating with this interactive escape room experience where you and your date must work together to solve puzzles before a zombie attacks you. Thrilling, is it not? The perfect way to test whether your date is also a suitable partner until zombie apocalypse do you part, the two of you will need to bring your A-game so you don’t become a Z-meal.

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Test your knowledge at trivia night.

Trust us—no matter what day of the week it is, there’s a bar somewhere that has trivia night. Better yet, a trivia night where you can relax, enjoy delicious pub grub and taste a variety of craft beers. If it’s too rainy to bar hop all around the city, take your date to a local pub in search of a little friendly competition. Plus, it’s a great way to find out who knows more about 20th century literature and Game of Thrones history.

A dance with samurai swords.


Japan is world-famous for their martial arts. From sumo wrestlers to ninjas, the Japanese have seemingly endless warriors that could kill you in the blink of an eye. If you’re a fan of Bruce Lee films and martial arts culture, then now’s the time to join in on this samurai sword fighting class. Over the course of the evening, you and your partner will learn the basics of a 3-step routine based on Waki Style Tate, Kendo, Karate, Iaido and Japanese Classical Dance. Can you say love at first touché?

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Make some magic of your own—or at least watch some.

sleight of hand

You’re not a wizard, Harry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate magic every now and again. There’s nothing amateur about this, New York’s longest running magic show, where four performers—industry pros as well as up-and-comers—will wow you with amazing illusions. Enjoy a Monday night filled with various styles of magic and even up-close tricks by some of the performers. Who says muggles can’t love magic too?

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Indie dinner and a movie.

Dinner and a movie may seem like nothing special for a New York couple like yourself, but since you live in the city that never sleeps, you have access to hundreds of theaters showing a bit more than the average Hollywood flick. Indie theaters like the Angelika Film Center and the Landmark Sunshine Cinema show documentaries and foreign films while the Anthology Film Archives will dig through the archives for a retrospective showing of your favorite black and white picture. Frankly, Scarlett, you should give a damn about spending a night at one of these cinematic sensations.

Free comedy, from Comedy School Dropout.


Who can resist a free comedy show? What about complimentary artichoke pizza? Nobody, that’s who. Comedy School Dropout features an array of up-and-coming comedians who have performed on Comedy Central and MTV testing out new material before taking the stage on shows like The Tonight Show. This show will have you and your date in tears (of laughter, not because the date is going poorly).

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Is the rain making you blue(s)?

live music

The ancestor of rock n’ roll, the cousin of jazz and the star of your iPod, blues is a musical genre best experienced live. Longtime lovers of blues as well as soon-to-be fans are invited to this show to hear signature tunes from professional musicians in the city. With a bit of booze and a lot of blues, this evening of music is the best way to wait out the rain.

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