St. Valentine Would be Proud: 7 Awesome New York Valentine's Date Ideas
If you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day (or if you’re celebrating a gal/palentine’s day instead), chances are you’re in need of a good night out. For some, that means a meal at a packed restaurant. For others, that means doing something unique and romantic. And for some more casual souls, that means staying home and waiting to do something on a cheaper night. Whichever couple you and your partner are, we have the perfect Valentine’s date ideas for you.

Dinner and a movie (in one place).

For those couples who want a low-key evening and don’t want to be chasing down cabs all night, there’s only one place in town where you can eat dinner while watching a movie. That place is Nitehawk Cinema. Snack on your favorite bar-fueled food and drinks while watching classic and newly released movies with your favorite movie buddy. A time-efficient twist on the classic dinner-and-a-movie date, you can watch movies like The Artist and The Wizard of Oz come the 14th.

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Wine and dine, won’t you be mine?

wine tours
wine tasting

Tour the great wine stops in SoHo this Valentine’s holiday. You’ll start at the famous full-service City Winery, where you can craft your own signature wine together, choosing everything from the grape to the bottle. Next, you’ll head over to Comodo, a neighborhood favorite before finishing the afternoon at the Spanish wine bar, Boqueria, for some fine wine and even finer cuisine. By day’s end you’ll be drunk on more than just love.

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Wherefore art thou, alcohol?

date idea

Boozy art is becoming a bougie activity, so jump on this hot trend early and spend Valentine’s date creating something beautiful together. Loosen up via your favorite wine (BYOB of course) and show each other your labors of love by creating a piece of art. You and your partner will practice brushstrokes, color mixing, composition, texture and, most importantly, a greater appreciation for one another in a relaxing, romantic environment.

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Shakespeare drunk in love.


Shakespeare may have been the most romantic writer of all time. Or the most kooky. Or both! He created couples like Beatrice and Benedick, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and of course, Romeo and Juliet. This man knows a thing or two about love. Don’t believe us? Then you have to check out one of his productions put on by this Shakespeare troupe. The actors perform the Bard drunk, doing their best to capture the spirit of the play and delight you and your loved one. Performances are on the 13th and 15th, so avoid the rush and bump your celebrations by one day.

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Love on the high seas.

nyc skyline
date idea
water taxi

The rocky waters of the Hudson River can’t shake your relationship this Valentine’s Day. On this one-hour cruise, you’ll enjoy the glistening lights of New York during the often under-appreciated winter months. Observe the skyline, sip on some complimentary champagne and enjoy the atmosphere of America’s most romantic city. From Lady Liberty to the Brooklyn bridge, this is the perfect setting for an intimate evening.

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Valentine’s Day is going to the dogs

This is 100 percent true: a study shows that one in five people would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet. So if low-key is your middle name, plan a romantic night with you, your partner and your pet. Head on over to a dog park, treat your pet to the finest treats and enjoy a night chilling at home (with a home-cooked meal) where you can both shower your pet with affection and love. After all, your pet deserves a night of love too.

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Terrariums > red roses.


Roses may be the flower of choice on Valentine’s Day, but we all know that flowers die (we’re not being cynical; just realistic). Instead of purchasing flowers for your better half, why not create a personalized terrarium. You’ll design a unique space where greenery can live and thrive that also happens to brighten up your apartment. Sip on wine and snacks as you and your partner get artsy and return home with something you’ve created together.

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