The Best Budget-Friendly NYC Dates of 2016
Have you heard? Living in the New York City metropolitan area is expensive. Big surprise, right? While you’re saving up for tickets to that show with that performer you like or for a fancy dinner, you still have to impress your date with some kind of cool activity. Don’t worry—we got your back. We’ve gathered some of NYC’s most budget-friendly dates for the couple who wants to break out of their usual routine without breaking the bank.

Take a stab at fencing.

Romeo and Juliet loved each other so much they stabbed themselves over the thought of being without one another (well, Romeo did at least). If you’re also in love, you can stab someone too—your date! Skip that messy murder business and take a beginner’s fencing lesson together. You’ll learn everything from technical and tactical exercises to strategy to how not to kill someone. Isn’t fencing romantic that way?

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OG love for OG couples.

little italy

Remember Gangs of New York with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz? Remember thinking how cool the late 1800s and early 1900s were in New York while also being thankful that you didn’t have to smell it? Well, now you can enjoy everything present day Little Italy and Chinatown have to offer (pungent smells not included) on this gangster tour of New York. You’ll learn the city’s deep, dark secrets and visit New York’s most infamous slum before venturing to the narrow alleys of Chinatown’s “Bloody Angle” with your partner in crime by your side.

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Cue the cupcakes.


Cooking and baking classes can get pricey REAL QUICK, but that’s why God created cupcakes. In this baking class, you’ll learn the art of creating yummy desserts by mixing flavors like raspberry, peanut butter or cinnamon in addition to mastering three different types of icing—American chocolate, vanilla bean and cream cheese—with your partner. It’s the best batch for your buck you can find!

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Picnic at Governor’s Island.

What’s cheaper than visiting green space right here in the big city? Take the ferry over to Governor’s Island, which is technically part of Manhattan, and roam the 172 acre parkland. Post your picnic in the perfect spot surrounded by both an actual forest and a forest of skyscrapers. Your friends will be green with envy when they hear all about it.

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Bored? Not at this board games night.


If all of your other couple friends have shunned you from their board games nights, there’s another solution. At Q.E.D., you and your date can stock up on old-fashioned fun with your favorite board games from when you were young. From timeless classics to games you’ve never even heard of, Q.E.D. has everything you need so that you can sip on your favorite beer, wine and cocktails while chowing down on some fun.

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Try to talk your way out of this speakeasy.

escape room

Care to travel back in time? In this pandemonium escape game, you, your partner and fellow flappers and gangsters will find yourselves in a swank speakeasy in the 1920s. The only problem? The cops are banging on your door ready to arrest you. You and the team have 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles, riddles and clues to get out in time. And when you do, may we suggest going to a bar to cap the night off?

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Anarchy at the local arcade.


If low-key, low cost dates are your jam, you’ll find nothing cheaper and more fun than a night (or afternoon) at the arcade. Reclaim your high score, impress your gf/bf and don’t worry about needing to stock up on quarters and tokens. Your pass includes in-and-out privileges, so if you want to splurge on some good greasy food, knock yourself out. Just don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

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Biking through Central Park.


NYC: it’s so enchanting, especially when you find yourself in its green spaces. No matter what time of year, Central Park has an adventure waiting for you. For the perfect romantic but relaxed date, why not rent a few bikes—choosing from racer, comfort, mountain, hybrid or children’s bicycles—to ride through the park. Consult your complimentary map or get lost together in one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

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Recreate your favorite rom-com moments.


Have you ever dreamed of having your own cute meet-cute? Well now you can, even if you already found somebody. Fans of the rom-com genre will love this bus tour of New York’s favorite romantic movie and TV spots. Mini-marathon the movies on your phone in between stops so you’ll learn how to accurately reenact the scenes. Bonus points if you go off book and pretend to get in a fight or propose to one another. On second thought, skip that last suggestion.

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