The Best Manhattan Date Ideas
The Big Apple really is a big city, and at its core is Manhattan-the most romantic city in America according to the movies. With so much to do on a daily and nightly basis, here are some of our top picks for dates in NYC’s core that you and your significant other can enjoy all year round, regardless of Manhattan’s ever-changing events.

Learn to cook your own brunch.

cooking class
date night
couples cooking class
french toast

Leave the brunch haters behind and take your better half to this cooking class for two to make the ultimate couple meal: brunch. Learn how to pair and create sweet and savory dishes to complement your mimosas and freshly squeezed juice from an all-star cook instructor. BYOB is widely encouraged in this lax class for couples who just love to brunch.

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BYOB painting night for two.

Channel your artistic spirit into this painting class for pairs and couples, where a bottle of wine is welcome and so are artists of all skill levels-including artists with zero skills. It’s the perfect chance to create something with your partner and learn some of the fundamentals of painting from an experienced, patient and relaxed instructor (who has to be patient if you’ve had one too many glasses of wine-you know what we mean).

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Watch a drunken Shakespearean live-theater production.


Back in the day, Shakespearean theater was for the common people; now it’s considered high art. Luckily, this production of classic Shakespeare is committed to making plays for the people again by performing drunk. That’s right, the talented cast must take five shots of whiskey-each-before performing. Sip on your own drinks while you watch a team of professional drinkers and actors (in that order) attempt to act out the master works with wit and surprising coherence. Just be prepared to join in on the hilarity. Go check it out, you’ll see what we mean.

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Grab a drink in the middle of Midtown’s impressive rooftop bars.

Panoramic views await on top of The Kimberly Hotel at the Upstairs bar, where the drinks are pricey but the views are spectacular. The atmosphere is relaxed and simultaneously crackling with romantic energy and you can cozy up for an impromptu after-work date for two.

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Take a stroll along West Village’s the High Line.

The man-made urban landscape and park is a new checkpoint for couples looking for a romantic stroll that cuts straight through the city. Every Tuesday night from April to October, the High Line acts as a stargazing retreat for New Yorkers in love, and throughout the year the site hosts plenty of community and arts events so no one stays bored.

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Murdered by the mob...dinner and a show.


A murder mystery comes to life in this Midtown interactive live theater show where you and your date will sit down for three courses while a team of hilarious mobsters search for clues for the night’s mystery. Put your heads together to solve the mystery to win prizes as you sip on some mafia-worthy drinks.

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Pair wine and classic NYC pizza together for a memorable night.

pizza and wine

Wine pairings and tastings are a chance to enjoy the finer tastes in cuisine, and this pizza and wine pairing class is no exception. Taste six different wines with three different classic types of pizza to learn what works and what doesn’t for your next pizza and wine night at home.

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Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee-a coffee tasting class for cafenatics.


New Yorkers love their coffee, so we know you’ll love this professional coffee tasting or cupping class to find which brews are the best for early mornings and sleepy afternoons. You can’t survive your day without one, so observe the aromas to learn the art of coffee so the two of you can make the perfect cuppa every morning.

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Skip the movies and head to their landmark locations.

Walking Tours

Manhattan rom-coms are a classic movie choice for any at-home date night, but living in NYC, you and your partner can recreate the magic of films like When Harry Met Sally, Sweet Home Alabama, You’ve Got Mail, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and the City, Maid in Manhattan and Serendipity on this romantic movie sightseeing tour. Ditch the sweatpants and practice your favorite monologues to make your partner swoon.

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