11 Unique NYC Cooking Classes
Cooking classes are aplenty in any city, New York City especially. There’s your usual mix of classes that cover ethnic cuisines, basic dishes and kitchen skills. But if you want to learn how to cook something unconventional, you’ve come to the right place. From aphrodisiac cooking to Spanish cuisine, here are our favorite oddball classes.

Seduce your partner with sexy food.

sexy cooking

The best way to a man or woman’s heart? Their stomach, especially if you serve them delicious, aphrodisiac-inspired cuisine. In this class, you’ll break bread with 16 other chefs before preparing a three-course meal by candlelight. Letting you in on all the dirty little secrets of making a sexy meal, an instructor will help you master techniques and conquer flavors to impress any date.

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The art and science of herbal medicine.

alternative medicine
alternative healing

Traditional medicine men and women have used herbal medicine to heal people for many generations. To broaden your medicinal horizons, join this course and learn about the basics and history of herbal medicine. You’ll learn how to prepare tinctures, infusions, oils and salves and how they compare to modern Western medicine. Best of all, you’ll definitely be ready for flu season.

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Mas tapas, por favor.

cooking class
date night
couples cooking class

If you can never decide on just one thing to eat, why not decide on tapas? These small Spanish plates (perfect for sharing) are the best food to gorge on with your friends. In this hands-on, sociable class, you’ll learn how to make portion-friendly dishes like albondigas, paprika butternut squash empanadas and patatas bravas with spicy homemade sauce. That way, you can do as the Spaniards do: take a siesta, then fiesta while eating tapas with friends.

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Swining and dining.


Does the expression “pig out” ever come out of your mouth? Good. For pork lovers everywhere (and hungry foodies), this pork-intensive class will teach you how to source, clean and cook perfect pork. From sausage, to curing, to smoking and barbecue to ribs and bacon, you’ll pig out with the best of them.

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Surf and turf, España edition.


Surf and turf may be what your dad orders at every restaurant, but there’s more to the delicious dish than meets the eye, especially if you turn to Spain for inspiration. From Madrid to Barcelona, the Spaniards sing the praises (or paeans) of paella and now you can too. In this cooking class, you’ll learn to make Spanish surf and turf, txipriones (grilled baby squid), albondigas, tortillas and crema Catalan, all while sipping on Sangria.

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Sexy brunch for sexy couples.

bloody marys

In this boozy brunch-making class, couples will get a hands-on lesson emphasizing the sexy side of brunch. Along with sharpening your knife skills, you’ll learn how certain foods affect the body and your libido so you can make any food feel (and taste!) sexy. Discover prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, spicy pepperjack cheese and hickory-smoked bacon quiche, almond raspberry scones and classic Bloody Marys and mimosas. It will taste so good you’ll want to lick up every bit of it.

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Konichiwa: an intro to Japanese dessert.


You love sushi, you love anime and now you’ll love Japanese dessert. Who doesn’t love dessert, for that matter? Unlike in other cuisines, Japanese dessert happens to be low-fat, healthy and tasty. Whether you choose dango, mochi or tofu pudding, your next after-breakfast/after-lunch/after-dinner treat will be made and eaten with love.

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Stop jerkin’ around with my jerky.

beef jerky
marinating meat
meat slicing

You don’t have to be a hunter to make some delicious jerky of your own. Enter this jerky-making class, where you’ll walk through the steps of creating your own premium cut of dried meat. From the best cuts to marinating methods to the dehydration process, you’ll walk away with some jerky for your next road trip that will be sure to make your hunter friends jealous.

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Apartment grilling (without burning the place down).

Indoor BBQ in your NYC apartment is not just a fantasy; it can be a reality. Bring the joys of warm weather and good food to your home year-round by taking this favorite BBQ grilling class. Make new friends in this sociable, friendly and instructive environment while you prepare the likes of BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, coleslaw, cornbread, BBQ slop sauce and homemade ice cream with strawberry compote (though that one’s not made on the grill)!

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NOLA is no lie.


NOLA—otherwise known as New Orleans, Louisiana—is, no lie, home to some fantastic food and regional dishes. If you can’t make it down to Louisiana’s favorite city (sorry, Baton Rouge) then you’ll just have to experience the cuisine through this cooking class. Your NOLA menu includes the likes of oysters bienville, shrimp remoulade, crawfish etouffee, grillades and grits and jambalaya classique. Get down with some Big Easy cuisine and you’ll be saying “N’awlins” in no time.

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My big fat Greek feast.


Strike that—Greek meals aren’t big and fat; they’re healthy and delicious. Don’t believe us? Then you’ve got to try one of Calliope’s great Greek cooking classes. The Greeks make the most of their ingredients to create unique, delicious flavors. In this class, you’ll make four dishes: baked pasta with beef and bechamel sauce, fried eggplant and potatoes, grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice, and cheese pies. By the end, you’ll have enough recipes to feed a whole Greek family—or just one very hungry you.

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