8 Must-Try Cooking Classes for the NYC Meat Lover
What’s neater than meeting up with your friends after a long week? Well, what about meating up with your fellow foodies to learn how to prep your favorite meats? For all you NYC meat lovers out there hoping to save some bacon and avoid those fancy pants steakhouses, here are our picks for NYC’s must-try meat cooking classes that will have you cooking up your best-loved cuts at home.

Stop jerking around and make jerky!

beef jerky
marinating meat
meat slicing

Anyone who grew up around farmers and hunters knows how sweet the taste of jerky is. Now, native New Yorkers can learn this too when they take this start-to-finish jerky making class. Watch a demonstration on the process of making jerky and take home a batch of your own to enjoy. Whether you like it spicy, seasoned or extra crunchy, you’ll discover the best way to work with a variety of cuts, marinating styles and dehydration tips to create a delicious after-work snack.

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Get him to the Greek...cooking class, that is.

gluten free

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world, but while meat isn’t eaten every day, when the Greeks do cook up a cut, they go all out. Experience this class where you will prepare classic Greek dishes paired with the finest wines. With a menu that consists of lamb casserole in red wine and light garlic aromas, slow cooked goat, spicy country sausages and peppers in tomato sauce and pork tenderloin with leek and celery root, your mouth will be watering for more—or at least a nice glass of wine.

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Put your signature on these signature steaks.


In this class, you’ll how to make more than just a New York strip. Explore trade secrets about cooking steaks, side dishes, salads and more from the country’s best steakhouses, including Morton’s in Chicago, Chasen’s in Los Angeles and Aventura in Florida. With a new list of classic decadent desserts and delicious cuts in your recipe book, you’ll return to your NYC shoebox feeling like you’ve taken a cross-country road trip.

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Pig out with the whole hog.


Are you a pork dork? Is that a thing? For those of us who are sweet on swine, this pork-based cooking class is a must. You’ll get to dig into the whole pig to learn about the various types of cuts, “from the rooter to the tooter.” During a demonstration you’ll learn how to source, clean and cook phenomenal pork as well as the secrets to crafting sausage, curing, smoking, barbecue and other of your favorite pork-based meats.

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Become a grillmaster.

meat lovers

It’s never too early to practice your grill skills for next summer, but a true grillmaster knows how to enjoy the BBQ all year long. In this barbeque master class, you’ll quickly learn how real BBQ can be accomplished at home in any kind of weather and with any kind of equipment. Enjoy lectures and demonstrations on Texas style wood burning BBQ from acclaimed BBQ Chef Ari White before sitting down to an all-you-can-eat beer & BBQ dinner. George Foreman would be proud.

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Everything tastes like chicken; it might as well be good-tasting chicken

cooking class

You know the saying “it tastes like chicken”? It’s a common phrase for a reason, and the reason is that chicken is a versatile and delicious protein that can be incorporated into many different dishes. With this class under your belt, you’ll master the art of roasting chicken and veggies and cooking a good ol’ fashioned chicken soup, perfect for the days you’re feeling under the weather.

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BYOB, CYOS (cook your own steak).

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date night
couples cooking class

Looking to raise the stakes on your homemade steaks? This class teaches its students how to make great steak on the cheap as well as some complementary recipes such as a red wine reduction. Study under a professional chef and try to get him to divulge some trade steak secrets. Bring your favorite bottle and your favorite people and learn some new tricks together.

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Steer yourself in the right direction.

beef cuts

Have any juicy questions about beef and other meats? You’re in luck. With this class, you’ll learn how to tell the difference between a sirloin, a brisket and other cuts as you break down a whole side of beef. You’ll also mingle and chat with experts about what differentiates “organic” livestock from industry meat and pick up tips for how to shop for and cook up your favorite ingredients.

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