Eat Your Way Through Brooklyn
Oh, Brooklyn. The birthplace of both Captain America and the Williamsburg hipster, Brooklyn is much more than a destination for farmers’ markets, dive bars and “affordable” housing. It’s also home to some world famous and delicious food. From Italian lunch to Sunday brunch, if you’re looking to eat your way through Brooklyn, this go-to guide is for you.

Brooklyn food 101


It’s amazing that hipsters can fit into their skinny jeans with all of the delicious food available in this borough. If they can manage it, so can you. Well, maybe not if you take this food tour of Brooklyn, where you and a friend will chow down on everything from wood-fired pizza and homestyle country BBQ to Brooklyn-made wine and walnut brittle. But hey, going up a jean size is worth it if it means visiting these local favorites.

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From Hipsters to Hasids: A tour of Williamsburg

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Williamsburg is a venn diagram of new world meets old, moustaches meet beards and hipster food meets ethnic eats. At the epicenter of all things cool, it’s easy to find any food you’re craving. This tour of hipstertown introduces you to the area’s lesser-known restaurants, bars, art galleries, indie music venues and bodegas. Journeying from the best falafel house in New York City to an authentic Austro-Czech beer hall, you too can be one of the cool kids—just one with a full stomach.

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Flee to Brooklyn Flea and chow down on Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg sounds like a made-up word, but it actually means a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Brooklyn’s Flea market, located in breezy Prospect Park. With over 100 flea vendors and 30 food vendors, Brooklyn Flea is a great place to spend your weekend mornings and afternoons. Dip your toes in some good old-fashioned Brooklyn shopping too, you’ll always find something new to try and buy.

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Bicycles, brunch, Brooklyn

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What’s more Brooklyn than brunch? What’s more hipster than bicycles? Combine the two and you’ll dine and dash (as in dash away on your bike, not refuse to pay for your meal) through Brooklyn on this bicycle brunch tour. Sip on fresh coffee, delicious pastries and artisan chocolate while your guide gives you a tour of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods of North Brooklyn. Bike rental, helmets and a walkie talkie are included, so simply circle a Sunday on your calendar and sign up now.

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A taste of heaven, a slice of Brooklyn


Looking for a slice of heaven? Then try a not-so-little slice of Brooklyn pizza! On this bus tour, you’ll learn about the history of pizza in historic Brooklyn neighborhoods such as DUMBO and Coney Island, and you’ll even get to see the sets from famous movie scenes that were shot in the area (Goodfellas fans rejoice!). Chow down on some of your soon-to-be favorite slices, including Brooklyn's famous Grimaldi's Neapolitan-style pizza or a Sicilian-style pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens. On your way out, be sure to nab a few takeout menus for those late-night cravings.

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Tour Brooklyn’s historic Carroll Gardens

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Flush with hip bars, boutiques and, you guessed it, restaurants, Court Street’s Carroll Gardens in South Brooklyn attract plenty of hipsters and tourists alike with tasty eats. In this two and a half hour tour, you’ll taste James Beard Award-winning soft serve as well as authentic bagels and sweet treats while learning a thing or two about the neighborhood’s immigrant history and rich culture. Your knowledgeable guides will have you clamouring for more historic treats—and the tasty goodies that accompany them.

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Park yourself at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Though bridges are commonly for cars, the Brooklyn Bridge Park provides a culinary alternative. Sit at one of the restaurants or bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the seaside views while sampling some neat eats under the shade of the park’s leafy trees. With creameries, garden bars and sandwich shops worthy of NYC’s gold standard, this park is a must-visit for foodies everywhere.

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Sample Brownstone Brooklyn’s local eats

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Care to dine at some of Brooklyn’s best mom and pop shops? Then you’ll love this Brooklyn Brownstone tour, where you’ll visit authentic, locally owned artisanal food shops you can’t find anywhere else in NYC. Try Italian dishes, Middle Eastern cuisine or whatever else your heart desires on a tour designed by foodies, for foodies. By the end of the three hours, you’ll feel like part of the family!

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