Impress Your Date at These NYC Cooking Classes
If dating is all about making a good impression, what’s more impressive than being a stellar cook? If you’re looking to wow your next date, be sure to take some of these classes to show off your newfound skills (or at least learn to fake it really the kitchen). Here are our picks.

Best Southern brunch


Grits, bacon and biscuits—if you were reading that with a Southern accent, your date will be impressed on multiple levels. Everyone loves a strong Southern and a Southern Belle, so why not learn how to bring a bit of the South to your kitchen. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and who won’t find love in grits, bacon and biscuits? Seriously. No one hates Southern food. No one.

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Want a quickie? And by quickie we mean meal


If you like to live your life with a little spontaneity, this cooking class is designed for you. In only an hour and a half, you’ll design, dish and dine two easy-to-make appetizers, entrées and desserts for your date. Afterwards, feast on your quickie creations and take your newfound skills to spice up your dating life to prep and eat meals on a whim.

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Sushi for Two


Perfect for a date for two (or just to impress a future date), this sushi-making class walks you through rolling, pinching and preparing a menu of tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber rolls. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of Japanese cuisine and sushi so you can impress your date with trivia along with those ladden chef skills.

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Brick Oven Pizza


Do you want your date to really appreciate you? Skip the trip to your local pizzeria and bake him or her a hot pizza pie. Crack the code for the sacred dough/sauce/cheese ratios while practicing the art of kneading. Even if your pie turns out to be less circle-shaped than you hoped, it’s the thought that counts. And pizzas never go underappreciated.

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My burgers, fries & milkshakes bring my date to the yard...

fast food

It’s easy to take a date out for burgers, fries and a split milkshake. But it’s way more impressive to make this quintessential diner food from scratch. In this class, you’ll be doing just that. Master the art of grilling, frying and scooping to save money on fast food to create mouth watering originals for this classic dinner diner date. Now say that three times fast.

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Mucho Mexicano

cooking class
culinary art

Muy caliente. Mexican food is much sexier than its beany burritos let on. This class begins by showing you how to make authentic guacamole followed by chicken pastor tacos. Skipping the dessert, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect margarita for after-dinner drinks. Once you have a handle on making fine Mexican cuisine, your date will be eating out of the palms or your hands. Or at least off your plate.

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Chocolate. That


Do you really want to wow someone? Bring them chocolate. From chocolate cakes to soufflés, cookies and truffles. In this class, you’ll pick up the skills to satisfy the chocolate cravings of any date. Sweeten your regular at-home movie date with a smorgasbord of chocolate goodies. If this can’t impress them, it’s time to find a better other half.

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