Mix it Up: Learn Mixology Basics in NYC
The New York cocktail culture is unmatched. NYC gave us a love for martinis, Cosmopolitans and also a hole in our pockets where our money used to be. If everything's expensive in New York, then cocktails are doubly so, sometimes costing upwards of $15 in the city. So why not combine your love of cocktails with a DIY spirit to take a mixology class? Learning the ins and outs of mixology basics, here are some of our favorite classes to take in NYC.

Happy Hour Cocktail Tour.


Happy hour is usually reserved for an after work beer, but this tour specializes in introducing you to the best cocktails in the city. Start early and end late as you travel around the East Village's best little-known finds as you swap alcoholic stories of NYC's rich Prohibition history and even learn how to make a cocktail or two with fresh ingredients. Happiness indeed.

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Tea-Infused Cocktails


'Murica loves their iced tea. But did you know that tea contributes its own unique flavors when mixed with alcohol? You'll learn that and more in this tea-infused cocktail making class for parties of 2–6 people. With a crash course in Mixology 101, you'll apply the fundamentals of drink making to conjure up your own potions and share an appetizer, five cocktails and an unlimited amount of tea and coffee from a knowledgeable and energetic instructor.

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Gin-Based Cocktail Making Class


Gin-lovers will adore this cocktail class designed to bring out the best of this juniper berry-distilled gem. Learn to prepare classic gin-based drinks like a Gin Martini, Tom Collins and Aviation Cocktails from the lovely people at the Institute of Culinary Education. With a name like that, they're sure to be good teachers

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Martinis, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and Ernest Hemingway's Daiquiri


Are you "thirsty" beyond just Thursdays? Do you want to feel like you've just stepped out of an episode of "Mad Men"? Then this core mixology class is for you! You'll master how to make four old-fashioned drinks, including a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, a martini and a Daiquiri, favored by Ernest Hemingway himself. A great class for newbies or anyone looking to sharpen their bartending skills, you'll be enjoying these new drinks faster here than you would when trying to get that bored bartender's attention at the club.

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Seduction 101 starts with a drink

culinary art

Can you feel the love tonight? Or is that just the alcohol making its way through your veins? In this class for two, it's probably both. Beginning with a classic aperitif followed by two cocktails, you'll then start your lesson in love-potion making to create a signature cocktail for you and your date based on your unique palettes. Drink up my pretty.

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A Kosher Cocktail Laboratory


Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Dirty Shirley with a splash of lime - cocktails sure sound ridiculous while tasting delicious. Alongside the lovely people at the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts, in this class you'll master the ins and outs of crafting irresistible drinks and more. With a variety of spirits, mixers and seasonal ingredients you can take your cocktail mixing to the next level and forget about the days of rum and coke. Note that this kitchen is kosher!

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