New York's Best Vegetarian Cooking Classes
Whether you're a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons, health ones or simply because you're just not that into meat, making delicious, healthy food is no problem after you've sampled one of these classes. Good (or fillng) food doesn't have to mean meat, and you'll definitely be able to win your carnivorous friends over with these killer recipes. If this doesn't make your mouth water, nothing will.

Opa! Greek Vegetarian Cooking


Forget what's happening in Greece right now for a moment to remember exactly how delicious their excellent Mediterranean diets are. In this cooking course, you'll focus on creating famous Greek "ladera" dishes - simple but delicious peasant-style vegetables. All of the dishes are vegan, gluten-free and absolutely easy to make for beginners. Leave with a book full of recipes and a new appreciation for Greek cuisine.

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Vegetarian Suppers for Everybody!


As delicious as meat may taste (for some of us), it can be pretty pricey. That's why every wannabe chef or simple cook needs a repertoire of vegetarian and protein-heavy recipes to keep costs down and variety up. In this course for meat-lovers looking to expand their palette, you'll learn how to make vegetable dishes with flavor, like Roasted Ratatouille with Olives and Basil and Rich and Smoky Black Bean Soup with Butternut Squash, all with an Indian twist. Be prepared to be willing to give up meat on more than just Monday.

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Indian Vegetarian Cooking featuring Badass Spices


Indian cuisine is richly based in a vegetarian diet with a variety unusually delicious and potent spices that kick your taste buds into high gear. Discover the secrets of using these spices in an Indian cooking class with newbies to Indian culture and cuisine in mind. You'll learn to make staple Indian dishes like potatoes, curry and sukha rajma, which is red kidney beans with onions, ginger and tomatoes to spice up your next night-in. Leave with a taste for this cuisine and more info on exactly what makes it so unique.

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Salads with a Japanese Twist


When you think of Japanese food, the salads don't usually come to mind, yet the Japanese are bound to eat healthy salads just like the rest of humanity (Sigh.) Luckily for humanity, Japanese customs have created delicious, vegetable-filled salads, which you'll learn to toss up using the finest produce from NYC's best farmer markets. Regular people, rejoice. Salad lovers, scream from the hilltops - you've found a good salad making class. And if "Japanese salad" isn't a phrase that will impress your next dinner party, we're not sure what is.

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The Grainful Fed: Cooking with Grains

cooking class

You know that Wonder Bread doesn't taste too wonderful in your stomach a few hours later. It's no shocker as to why: it's not a whole grain. Our bodies aren't too fond of any grain that isn't 'whole,' so it's up to us to ingest the likes of quinoa, farro, lentils, millet, wheat, oat, barley and other whole grains to stay healthy. In this cooking class, you'll learn how to handle and cook all of these grains and more to fill your everyday dining with a diverse amount of healthy whole grains - all while enjoying a glass of wine. Grape is a grain, right?

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Savory Tooth: Olive Oil Based Desserts

gluten free

Tired of sugary cakes and sweets? Then it's time to do as the Greeks do and learn to make olive oil-based desserts. Substituting olive oil for butter and nuts and honey for sugar, you'll learn to prepare classic Greek dishes like olive oil dairy free cake, olive oil chocolate biscuits, olive oil lava cake and olive oil and orange flavored holiday cookies in honey syrup. Who says dessert can't be healthy?

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Vino and Vegetarian: Discover New Wine Pairings

wine tasting
wine pairing

What wine goes with asparagus? Or artichokes? For those tricky flavored vegetables and more, this class teaches you how to pair your favorite vegetables with a complementary wine so that all of your dishes taste sublime at your next party and your next party and the one after - you get the idea. Cheers!

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Soy Cooking Up a Storm

japanese food

Soy is more than just your favorite sauce; it's a species of legume native to East Asia and used in East Asian cuisine to elevate flavor palettes and keep dishes fresh and healthy. For the soy-curious, this class introduces you to the art of soy cooking with dishes like shrimp and tofu pad thai and Asian chicken edamame pizza. Can we have soy more? (Sorry.)

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