You look around, and this is what you see:

People milling about freshly cut grass. The sun, shining brightly as a light breeze cuts through the summer heat. An upbeat country song about old pickup tricks, girls and beer playing loudly in the background. You do a double take on the song, and realize it's been the same Zac Brown Band song playing on loop, but no one seems to notice.

You inhale. Fumes of charcoal, meat, and smoke flood your senses. Layers of aromas so intoxicating they have you wanting to reach for a fourth hot dog. The sizzling of the grill is audible over lighthearted chatter of jorts-wearing men and sundress-wearing women. There’s a bust of George Washington’s head on the table and no one’s really sure where it came from. It’s surrounded by an obscene amount of red solo cups, because what’s a celebration without those bright plastic drink troughs?  

You smile and lift your Budweiser to cheers with the guy wearing a Mets baseball cap, just as a black lab wearing an American flag bandana runs past to catch a frisbee.  

July 4th is coming. It’s ‘Murica season.  

Nationalism may be a daily endeavor for Americans, but come July, American pride kicks into beast mode. And if there’s one thing Americans love to do to celebrate their country, it’s eat.

So grab your beer, grab your football, grab a paper plate and plastic utensils and get ready for some NYC tips on how to celebrate Independence Day like it's 1776.


Do the Jerk

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beef jerky
cooking class

Nothing’s more American than an outdoor Barbeque. But why limit yourself to meat you can only make on the grill? Expand your meat-making horizons with a lesson in beef jerky-making, where you’ll learn to cut, season, and marinate like a pro.

This lesson in jerky is sure to make you man or woman of the hour at the upcoming 4th of July family BBQ. Why wait to eat on the grillmaster's time when you can have premade dried beef at your fingertips all day?

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Land of the (Gluten) Free

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We Americans love our trending health diets almost as much as we love our artery-clogging treats. Maybe you have that celiac friend who’s tragically allergic to the simple joys of bread, cake and beer. Or maybe it’s that cool aunt who claims that going gluten free was her a "necessary lifestyle change.”

Whether or not someone actively chooses to live a life without delicious flakey goodness (read: bread), there are still ways to celebrate Independence day with respect to your oh-so-American dietary restrictions.  

Enjoy a walking gluten-free food tour of NYC and bask in the glory of bread that’s not quite bread, and other satisfying gluten-free treats. You’ll get even more satisfaction than you would from that hamburger bun.  

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So We Meat Again

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So you want to throw a legendary 4th of July barbeque...but don’t quite have the skills to impress your fellow Americans yet. But you know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Lucky for you, the way for those willing to perfect their grillmaster skills starts at The Institute of Culinary Education’s Grill Technique Course.

You’ll quickly become everyone’s Fourth of July HERO as you celebrate properly with a plethora of burgers, dogs, and steaks. Just don’t forget to look the part. We recommend jorts, flannels, and baseball hats to really get that quintessential American feel.

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Cross-Country Cuisine

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Have you gotten your fill of burgers and dogs this festive ‘Murica season? Celebrate cuisines from all over the country with a cooking class that brings you flavorful favorites without having to leave New York.  

After makin' and tastin' everything from Philly Cheesesteaks to Mississippi Hush Puppies, you’ll be bursting with American pride each time you walk out the door. So tie up your American Flag cape, grab your red solo cup, and bump that country music, because you’re about to go full-blown America on this holiday.

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Happy Fourth of Ju-Pie

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pie making class

Our beautiful country is home to many monumental things: the microwave oven, masking tape, Vimbly, and most importantly... apple pie. If this year marks your turn to bring the pie to the party, don’t risk letting everyone down with a crusty, overcooked monstrosity of an American classic. You’re better than that and you know it.

Instead, perfect your skills in a fruit pie-making class with the help of The Institute of Culinary Education. Learn to create a perfectly crafted pan of flavorful, fluffy deliciousness that’ll give Grandma’s recipe a run for its money.

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