The Best Places to Learn to Make Sushi in New York City
What did sushi A say to sushi B? Wasabi. Okay, now that that's out of the way, it's time to reminisce of a time when sushi was a healthier and cheaper alternative to whatever food you usually ate. The first part is still true, the second part - not so much. Sushi has gone mainstream for quite some time and that means your favorite rolled raw fish is expensive. So why not invest in a good sushi class or two to brush up (or learn) your skills? Here are our picks for the best sushi-related activities around NYC.

Skip the sushi bar for this basic sushi making class


An introductory sushi making course for expert sushi lovers, this class is a great reminder of why you want to take a sushi class in the first place. Sip on complimentary drinks, observe the instructor in their element and by pairing fresh flavors for a menu of tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber, you'll never go back to store-bought again.

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From start to finish, for sushi-loving novices

japanese cuisine

That sushi documentary on Netflix ("Jiro Dreams of Sushi") will still be there while you're off learning sushi 101 basics. The trickiest part of making and mastering sushi is the rice, but luckily for you, this class holds your hand through all the steps of making a delicious sushi meal. Learn the art of sushi rice and how to prep your favorite rolls, from California to Spicy Salmon to vegetable to one of your very own creation. And then you can go watch Netflix.

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Sushi from scratch? This is the class closest to that idea


Taught with an American twist in an intimate class size, this sushi making class prepares you for all the fun (and potential disasters) of making sushi from the comfort of your own home. Your lesson includes a walkthrough instruction of not only sushi making, but sushi prep - which equipment to have on hand and the best places to buy it. If making sushi from scratch is your dream, then this is the class you absolutely must-take.

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BYOB to this one-two punch of sushi and dumplings

cooking class
date night
couples cooking class

First of all: sushi. Second of all: dumplings. Third of all: alcohol. Combine the three and you have this wonderfully fun class where you'll learn the ins and outs of sushi and dumpling making while you show off your already knowledgeable skills of sipping wine and making delicious food. A fun, open environment to meet new people and make new food, you'll have a blast chatting away and rolling up that yam avocado roll.

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Is there anything better than Japanese cuisine?


Japan is a beautiful country steeped with deep tradition, especially for its exquisite cuisine. Emphasizing seasonal ingredients with favorites like sushi, tempura, oden and miso soup, you'll learn to roll like the Japanese - both with sushi and with their cuisine. The class' menu consists of staple Japanese dishes including miso soup, shrimp and vegetable tempura and green tea ice cream. Again, we ask - is there anything better than Japanese cuisine? Short answer: not after taking this class.

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Sushi, Sake, Sunset


You won't practice your sushi making skills in this class, per se, but you will develop your taste buds by eating first-class sushi on the open waters. Sail aboard a yacht to take in stunning views of NYC all while chowing down on the finest sushi from Chef Morimoto, including nine classic pieces of sushi and one roll.

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