Summer heat got you feeling a bit cranky?

People used to see you as loving and kind, a defender of high spirits and unofficial cheerleader of Happy. But lately you've been subject to phrases such as "cold hearted witch" and "ice queen." When did this happen? When did the sweaty summer heat drain your soul and turn you into a mere shell of human angst and emotion?

Hope is on the way. You can fight this battle against the attitude-altering monstrosity we call the sun. Become the good kind of ice queen -- think Frozen, that child-friendly film that warmed hearts across the world. All it takes is a few cool treats.


Sundae Sunday

frozen treats
walking tour

Beat the Sunday pre-work blues with sweet treat after sweet treat. It's going to take more than one ice cream cone to cure that newfound icy facade of yours, so best get started. Treat your palate to a collection of different frozen treats as you walk your way through NYC's coolest streets.  

With so many delicious flavors to keep you cool as you wander, you'll rid yourself of your summer crank before you can even say "Wow, Vimbly, this is the best frozen treats tour I've ever been on!"

Drop that summer sass and get to the good stuff. You've got a full 2.5 hours of desserts ahead of you.

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Too Cool

Brooklyn walking tour
ice cream

History. Good vibes. Soft serve.

What more could you need?

Just setting foot in the trendy, cool streets of Brooklyn will increase your chill -- almost as much as a walking tour filled with more frozen desserts will. So grab your round-frame hipster glasses and hit the streets of Brooklyn for some ice cream with a historic and cultural twist.

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What’s Colder than Cold? ICE Cold.

cooking class
chocolate making

This is a different kind of ICE, but it will be just as refreshing. Spend some of your day with the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE, get it?) and cook your heart out. Send your senses into overdrive as you see, smell, and then taste beautiful chocolate confections you'll make with the help of professional chefs.

Trade the heat of the sun for the heat of an oven as you cook yourself an unforgettable dessert -- in an air conditioned environment. Freeze your handmade chocolate-y goodness for an even quicker cool-down.

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It May Not Be Ice Cream, but Beer is Cold Too...

food tour
walking tour

Beer may not be considered food to all, but there's no denying that it's cool enough to soften your summer slump and put a little pep in your step.

So if you're one of those people that "gets sick of ice cream" or "doesn’t have room for dessert," then here's your loophole. Put down the 'zerts and pick up some 'za (and beer) on an NYC pizza, beer, and history tour.  

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