Ever feel trapped by the city? Of course you do; you’re in the biggest city in the country. As amazing and exciting as NYC can be, it can sometimes feel like an overcrowded prison of loud, irritating noises, unhealthy fumes, and in-the-way-tourists. After a while, these things can build up a lot of stress. Fortunately, the Japanese have caught on to this pattern and have found a wonderful way to combat what's ailing you.

Shinrin-yoku, also known as “forest bathing” is the practice of using the forest and nature as a method of therapy. You’ll feel the stress of city living disappear as you breathe fresh, clean air, and take in the natural beauty of the picturesque forests surrounding New York City. You’ll also be stunned by how much of a relief the calm quiet of the woods can bring.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or just craving that natural experience that you feel you’ve been missing out on, then a NYC day trip to the forest is what the doctor ordered. Grab your metaphorical swim trunks and kiss your stress goodbye, because you got some forest bathing to do.


Giddy Up!

horseback riding
wine tasting

Can you imagine what the New York area must have looked like before European settlers? Just picture the endless swaths of untouched nature as far as the eye can see. It must have felt something like the garden of Eden (excluding winter months). Experience that feeling of wonder for yourself.

Just like the first European settlers, you’ll venture out in the beautiful woods on horseback on this NYC day trip. You’ll feel like you're exploring sacred ground. And once your mind is at ease, get treated to a wine tasting at an upstate Vineyard so you can cheers to your peaceful state of mind.

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Take a Hike


There’s no easier way to take in the forest and all of it’s glory than a simple nature hike. On this NYC day trip, you’ll take in the beautiful, natural sites, as you walk along lush green trails. While your feet may get tired, you mind will be at total ease. You’ll also learn from expert guides orientation and navigation, so you can fly solo on your next forest bathing journey.

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Wet N' Wild

whitewater rafting

So, you want all the health benefits that forest bathing can bring, but you’re not sure you can survive without the fast-paced momentum of the city. We get it. A simple hike through the woods isn’t for everyone. Don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect NYC day trip for you.

White water rafting is an amazing way to get a huge nature fix while keeping your heart racing. You’ll battle violent currents as well as all the pesky annoyances from city living that have been bumming you out. By the end of this white water rafting trip, you’ll know the meaning of true tranquility.

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Go Park Yourself

scavenger hunt
central park

Unlike the other ninety-five percent of people living in NYC, you were actually born and raised here. So the idea of an NYC day trip is a bit stress inducing itself. If sirens and taxi cabs are your homeostasis you might want to take some baby steps into your forest bath.

A Central Park scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get your forest fix without having to leave your roots behind. This pristine island of green in the middle of the concrete jungle can revitalize your mental state and spark your passion for nature, so you can take an actual day trip next time.

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One Howl of a Good Time


The forest -- to us it may seem like a beautiful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but for others, it’s their natural habitat. After clearing your mind with a majestic hike through the woods, you’ll meet some of the occupants that call the forest home.

During the wolf watch, you’ll venture into a wolf sanctuary, to see the enigmatic animals interacting with each other and their environment. This is a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with a new appreciation for animals, the forest, and life in general.

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