7 Classes That Will Help You Land a Job

The dream of moving and living to New York is matched by only one other: working in NYC. How else do you expect to live there, I guess? The business capital of the world is home to millions of jobs for young professionals in pretty much every industry imaginable. To help you stand apart from the competition, we’ve curated the best classes in NYC that will help you jumpstart your career. Take a look.

Speed reading for smarties.

Life Skills

If you’re lamenting over how many books you didn’t get to read this season because a) you didn’t have time or b) you read slowly, you’re in luck. The Iris Reading Center offers this one-session speed reading class that can boost your reading speed anywhere from 200 to 500 per cent. Per cent! But don’t worry—not only does your reading speed increase, your reading comprehension and retention rates do too. Now, you’ll be able to breeze those boring reports so that you have time to curl up with a good book. It’s a no brainer.

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Public speaking, no longer public enemy number one.

public speaking

Do you have to imagine your coworkers in their underwear when giving a big presentation? It’s a bit weird now that we’re adults, don’t you think? Ditch the coping mechanisms and take this class where you’ll learn how to become a confident communicator in virtually any speaking situation—from your big presentation to your speech at a wedding. In a complimentary session with a Zenspeak instructor, you can construct your personalized and customized program to overcome your specific anxieties. Plus, no partial nudity required!

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Overcome social anxiety without alcohol.

social anxiety

Itching to take a swig of something before joining your co-workers in the break room? Unless you work at an office that rivals Mad Men in daily alcohol consumption, you might want to take this social anxiety class instead. Taught in a relaxing environment by an expert instructor, you’ll learn skills and techniques to overcome the fear and tension that holds you back from attending social events and putting yourself out there. With this class under your belt, your next job interview/work function/afterwork activity should be a piece of cake.

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It’s your cue to learn nonverbal cues.


Do they like your proposal? Are they interested in hiring you? The importance of decoding body language is essential to relationships, work and everyday life. Enter this nonverbal communication class where you’ll learn how to identify and understand over 75 different nonverbal gestures by interacting with a body language expert and psychology professor. Practice with your peers and feel confident that you’ll never misread a social cue at the office again.

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Meditation for the mind, body, and job prospects.


Namaste… now how can meditation land you a job or that next promotion? Easy. This 30-minute primer meditation class teaches you all the basics to clear your mind of troubles and worries (re: that job interview, big presentation) so you can focus your attention elsewhere. Stay positive and realign positive energies to keep you calm and carrying onward.

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Get it right in a write-in workshop.

pen and paper

If you want to earn an easy leg up in your workplace, learn how to write well. Seriously—everyone’s impressed by a good writer (aren’t you impressed with this?). To gain confidence in your writing, whether for business or creative purposes, join this low-key writer’s workshop. With constructive but kind feedback and breaks for drinks and snacks, it’s the easiest investment you can make in your career.

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Master these Adobe softwares.


Part of doing the job is knowing how to capitalize on all the tools at your disposal. For plenty of businesses and industries, that means mastering Adobe’s programs. With LearnMultimedia, you can receive private one-on-one instruction lessons tailored to your knowledge and ability for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. Start from scratch or get a refresher.

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