8 Crafty Classes for the Creative New Yorker
Hobbies, crafts, activities—if you like working with your hands to create something from nothing, we’ve got just the classes for you. From soapmaking to woodcarving to sewing, these creative and crafty activities will definitely jumpstart your new favorite hobby. Even better, you’ll return home with a lovely new treasure that you can give to friends and family (or keep for yourself—you made it after all!).

Soap for the soul—er, body.


Your regular soap just isn’t good enough. Kick it to the curb in favor of the super duper soap made in this soapmaking workshop. From creating your own scent to choosing the color, mold, oils and additives, you’ll learn tips and tricks from the pros. Create soap so good you’ll want to wash your mouth out with it. Wait a second...

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How much wood could a woodcarver carve?


Are you bored with your hobbies? Then get on board with this woodcarving class. During this two-hour woodcarving class for beginners, you’re introduced to all the basic materials, tools and skills you need to get carving. With a session on how to safely handle carving knives and a briefing on which tool does what, you’ll learn how to create a masterpiece. Plus, it’s a Ron Swanson–approved hobby.

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Cobble together some leather shoes.

Did you know that a person who makes shoes is called a cordwainer? The word comes from an French word, "cordoan," which refers the leather from Cordova, Spain. Now that you know what it means, would you like to become one? In this 5-hour intensive course from the Brooklyn Shoe Space, your expert instructor will provide you with all the materials you need and step-by-step instructions so you can create your very own vegetable-tanned leather slippers.

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Play with clay to create your new kitchenware.

You won’t reinvent the wheel in this class, but you will get to use a pottery wheel to make a dish of your own choosing. During this two-hour hands-on (obviously) workshop, you’ll study the art of pottery fundamentals like centering, opening, flooring, throwing and trimming. Your hands may get dirty, but you’ll leave the class with a bowl or cylinder that you made from scratch. And who knows—maybe Mom will still want this as a birthday present.

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Test out your Midas touch and make a 14K gold ring.


To quote Selena Gomez, “I'm on my 14 carats/ I'm 14 carat/ Doing it up like Midas.” We’re not sure exactly what that means (other than she wants to look good for you), but you can look great in someone’s eyes by making them a piece of 14K gold jewelry. How? By taking Ayaka Nishi New York’s one-day 14K gold ring making class. In only four hours, you’ll learn how to create and set a diamond on a ring and even engrave your initials in it.

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Sew swag.

From high fashion to fixing that rip in your hem, you can learn how to sew everything and anything in this two-hour beginner sewing class. Instructors will guides you through the sewing basics—threading a machine, loading a bobbin, machine stitches, etc.—so you can make something cool for yourself or a friend. From iPad cases to fold-over clutches, you’ll assemble something useful and pick up some skills while you’re at it. So good, sew good.

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Aquariums are so passé—why not try a terrarium?


Are fish too much for you to take care of? Then ditch the aquarium for a terrarium, your own personal container for plants to live and thrive. And don’t worry—with the help of a knowledgeable instructor, you won’t kill your plants or their home. Working alongside a small group of creatives, you’ll design and construct an environment in which your plants can live a long and happy life.

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Costumes, cosplay and props for the ultimate costume party.

comic con

Normally, we’d say you have a problem if you’re already preparing your Halloween costume. But you aren’t just preparing for a Halloween costume. You’re making costumes for all of the Comic Cons and conventions in 2016. If you want a refresher on prop-making and cosplay sewing, check out this class. You’ll learn how to buy fabric, sew together your favorite costume and design a look that’s sure to win you best dressed in any competition this year.

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