Dates That Defy Gravity
As we all know, this year holds a special day that only comes once every four years. No, not the presidential election... and no, not the summer Olympics -- We’re talking about Leap Year! 2016 gets the privilege of adding one extra day to its February calendar, and lucky for you, that means you get an extra day to yours -- a whole day! What are you going to do with it?

Instead of wasting your extra 24 hours on the regular routine, why not change it up and celebrate this odd day with with something new and a little out of the ordinary? These unique classes are the perfect way to leap out of your comfort zone and into a fun new hobby!

Why Leap When You Can Fly?


Leap Year is all about trying something out of the ordinary -- and there’s nothing ordinary about defying gravity. That’s exactly what you’ll do at The Muse Wall Running Class. Guided by your friendly and safety-conscious instructor, you’ll be harnessed up and performing aerial acrobatics in no time.

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Transend to Tranquility


Turn your Leap Year into one of tranquility with this guided meditation class. It can be tough to get that annoying little voice in your head to shut up sometimes. With the help of an experienced instructor, you’ll learn how to turn the little voice off and transcend from the stress and chaos of life. This is an especially good fit for folks who have never meditated before and need some pointers and tips on getting started.

Now inhale through the nose.... and exhale....

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Blown Away


So you’ve caught the Leap Year bug. You want to learn something new and out of the ordinary, but you also want to be able to take something home to prove it. At Scanlan Glass Private Glassblowing, not only will you learn the amazing art of glassblowing, but you’ll be able to craft your own piece and bring it home to show off, all in the same day. But what to make? Perhaps a plaque commemorating the Leap Year that pointed you towards your new favorite hobby?

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My, My, Mime

Actions speak louder than words -- especially when no words can be used. This Leap Year, let your body do the talking at The Richmond Shepard Learn to Mime Trial Class. You’ll receive expert lessons on how to control your body and create illusions that will impress even your most cynical friends. If all the excitement from the Leap Year has you speechless, this is the perfect class for you.

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Aim For The Bushes


This Leap Year, test your limits and take a leap of faith. Hollywood Stunts offers an Open Rappelling experience that will make you feel like the badass action hero you know you are. You’ll step off of the edge of a large, vertical ledge and feel the adrenaline pumping through your system as you scale down the imposing wall. Unlike the rest of these classes, you’ll literally take a leap with this one!

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Whistle While You Workshop

pen and paper

Maybe you’re looking for a mental leap this year. Why not give your writing skills a boost with this writing workshop? You’ll mix and mingle with other aspiring writers and share creative pieces that you’ve wrote. Together, you’ll provide positive critiques to help strengthen each other’s writing techniques and styles (while enjoying snacks of course, because you need that brain fuel). After attending a workshop or two, your words will leap off the page!

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