Your mom’s phone number? Don’t know it off the top of your head.

The local Chinese, Italian, Greek, and Korean restaurants’ numbers’? All memorized. This is how you know you have a problem when it comes to cooking.

But don’t worry. You can follow my lead and transform yourself from Lean-Cuisine-feign to hipster chef whose friends always want to sample your latest creation. How?

Check out these 5 cooking classes. If you see one that peaks your interest, sign up! And you’ll be on your way to Gordon Ramsey status.

(Well, not really. But you will decrease your risk of getting scurvy from all of those ramen noodles!)

new york city cooking classes mexican food

Savory Green Chicken Enchiladas, Fresh Guacomole, and More!

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how to cook
mexican food
cooking mexican food

"Anytime there is Mexican food around, you can bet I'll be eating it." - Eva Longoria 

As if the allure of possibly, just maybe meeting Eva Longoria and impressing her with your cooking skills isn’t enough, think of the food itself!

In this 2.5-hour class, you work with expert chef Paul to learn hands-on techniques and secrets of the pros. You’ll use healthy ingredients, such as fresh seasonal farmers’ produce, to prepare a delicious gourmet meal that, yes, you do eat at the end!

Top everything off with spicy Mexican chocolate cake served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

And the “cherry” on top of this cake? You’ll receive a recipe packet to take home! Now, all you have to do is meet Eva Longoria.

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new york city cooking classes italian food

Joey Tribbiani Will Be Proud After You Take This Class

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new york city cooking class
italian food

Were you that person in school who loved group work because it meant less work? Well, you’ll sort of love this then!

In teams of two, you and your classmates will prepare an appetizer, a main course, two side dishes, and a dessert all within one evening. But be prepared to hold your own weight.

You’ll be making mouthwatering dishes that include white bean and rosemary bruschetta, rolled veal, and pear and roasted fennel salad. Phew! It would leave Joey Tribbiani begging for seconds.

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new york city cooking classes hot chicken

1 Type of Chicken You’ve Never Tried Before

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new york city cooking classes
hot chicken

So you think you’ve seen it all, huh? Living in New York, you probably have. But, have you heard of this: Nashville hot chicken.

Are those crickets I hear? Not to worry! In this class, you not only get to learn how to prepare this Nashville specialty--you get to eat your masterpiece at the end! Marinated in buttermilk for delicious flavor and then rubbed with fiery paste before being fried, this Nashville specialty will wipe out your memories of that one famous chicken place with the Colonel.

Instructor Daniel Stone will guide you through the process of creating hot chicken as well as quick pickles, tri-color slaw, four-cheese mac and cheese, and banana pudding! Then, refresh yourself in the process with the Bourbon Sweet Tea you’ll make. 

Come on, you know the foodie in you can’t resist.

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new york city cooking classes chinese food

You Have Too Many Chinese Take Out Boxes

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new york city cooking classes
chinese food

Seriously. There are too many.

And no, it’s not okay that all you have to do is say “hi” on the phone and your the local Chinese spot asks if you want your usual.

In this class, a pro gives you the tricks of creating mouthwatering versions of traditional Chinese mainstays, including crispy spring rolls, beef and broccoli, and chow mein. Bring your own bottle to share with friends and family afterward! And prepare for that local Chinese restaurant to start coming to you for cooking advice!

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new york city cooking classes cupcakes

There's Always Room for Dessert

new york city cooking classes

There is a famous saying that goes, “Thou can not be sad when thou holdeth a cupcake-eth.”

Okay. Not really. But it totally should be a saying!

That’s why you must share the happiness that will come from this class with a friend or significant other. In this class, you will learn Butter Lane recipes that cover everything from cake to icing. And by the end, you’ll have made 12 moist, savory cupcakes to take home, smile at, and, of course, happily indulge in.

You know you’re smiling right now just thinking about it.

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